From our readers: Principled stand on the unity of working class


I am writing in response to the Statement of CC of the CGPI dated July 4, 2020 carried in the web-edition of MEL entitled `Unity of the Working Class is an Urgent Need of the Times’.  I would like to add that while this is generally true, it is more true more so than ever at this point, when the world and especially India is reeling under the Covid-19 crisis.  The acute crisis has been accentuated by the capitalist class which responded to the call given by the PM to turn the crisis into an opportunity.  The class turned the crisis into an opportunity by intensifying the exploitation of the working class and depriving them of all rights and removing all barriers and obstacles to working them to the last bone in their bodies.

The net result of the crisis has been the massive increase in unemployment and increase in exploitation and poverty on the other. While the unemployed are the ones thrown off the rolls, the others who remain on the rolls have not been paid for several months. Many workers have been driven home, while those who remained or returned have had to work in extremely unsafe conditions with the danger of the disease due to the corona virus.  As a result of the crisis, the working people without who there can be wealth creation are considered a burden by the capitalist class.  Despite lockdown and other restraints, working class is fighting back valiantly.

Demands of the working class include the stopping of the wrecking of public assets, decent minimum wages, pension and security and a universal Public Distribution System.  Thus, in order to succeed, the most urgent task is the unity of the working class.  In order for this occur, one must therefore understand what the factors are behind the present lack of unity so that its construction may be taken forward.

The statement points out that the most important thing to bear in mind is that the working class is one.  Whosoever is partisan to working class interest must come together to unite in this fight. In particular, it is not that the present ruling party is responsible for the plight of the working class.  Irrespective of who comes into power, the working people get further exploited.

It must be kept in mind that the State organs are not impartial. They always defend the interests of the capital class. The political system is to ensure the longevity of this system.  Whereas, while capitalism is the real enemy, smokescreens are created from time to time blaming this or that factor, internal or external.  Thus it is necessary to unite behind the platform that will eliminate this system and replace it with the rule of working class.  Only such a system can safeguard the interests of the working class. Thus we must unite behind the platform to construct such a system with its own State and Constitution.

I thank you for carrying this highly principled statement.



S. Nair


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