From our readers: We must unitedly oppose US interference


The Editor,

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar

I am referring to the article “The US is fanning the flames of conflict between India and China”, which clearly explains why this conflict is not in the interest of the people of the country.

When the Governments of India and China are trying to ensure that  future clashes do not recur, the US leaders are trying their utmost to increase the conflict between the two countries.

As the statement explains, the US leaders are declaring support for India and accusing China of attacking India’s sovereignty.

The trade and economic ties between India and China which have been growing over the years is not in US interests. The US wants to dominate key sectors of the Indian economy and hence is highlighting the dangers to India’s security from Chinese companies.

Also the as the statement explains, US wants India to participate in a US led military alliance to encircle China.

The ruling big capitalist class of India are taking our country on a dangerous path to fulfil their ambitions of becoming a super power in Asia. This is not to the benefit of people of our country or the people in the Asian region.

We have seen in the past that whichever country the US has supported, if that country does not follow the dictates of the US imperialists, they have been attacked  using one lie or another  such as possessing weapons of mass destruction, human rights violations, etc.

We the people have to unite to oppose this US interference in the India-China border issue. The peoples of India and China are capable of solving their problems. Let us not fall a prey to the US imperialist trap, as rightly explained in the statement.


Suman , Mumbai

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