MEL had declared the real culprits long ago!


Respected editor MEL,


Respected editor MEL,

Most of the papers in Maharashtra carried the headlines “Ishrat Jahan encounter fake”, on 21st November. The articles described in great detail as to how the Special Investigation Team appointed by the Court have concluded that college girl Ishrat Jahan and three others were murdered by the state police in a staged shootout and later passed it off as encounter killing of terrorists. According to the news reports the court said that “the probe agency needs to find out who played the key role in the encounter… what was the motive and what was the actual time of the death of the four people…..". What I would like to inform all your readers is that within just a few days after Ishrat Jehan’s so called “links with Laskar-e-Toiba” and her “successful encounter killing by police” was declared in news papers, it was your Party which had boldly declared that all that propaganda was false and Ishrat Jahan was murdered by police and falsely declared a terrorist. I still remember when I got the pamphlets distributed by your party activist denouncing the killing of Ishrat, I thought “here are some brave communists who always stand by people, no matter what!” So what took Indian Courts and investigation agencies more than 7 years to decide, your party had rightly recognised immediately. Your party always advises us the working people “never to fall prey to false propaganda of the Indian State” and that “the Indian State itself is communal to the core”. I think Ishrat’s killing will not go in vain if we working people of India remember what your Party advises us.

Kudos to your Party for standing by us!.

Your reader,

Amrut, Thane district

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