This education system must be turned upside down



This is with reference to the article "Right to education remains a dream" that appeared in the May 1-15, 2012 issue of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar.  It is a revelation of the reality of the conditions in the field of education for the vast majority of people of our country. Capitalist media presents the recent judgment of providing 25% admissions to the economically weaker sections of people as a great humanitarian act while saying that it is the middle class and others will bear the additional cost of these 25%. In addition, they lament that the quality of education will suffer due to this. The article in Mazdoor Ekta Lehar brings out the full dimension of this issue of RTE as fake and is proving with data that its objective will not be achieved under the current political system. The analyses of teacher-students ratio, infrastructure, the problems faced by girl students, the quality of education, child labour and caste and social discrimination are very detailed, objective and focus on the real issues. Facts and reality revealed by this article is very shocking and this is what the vast majority of Indians get after 65 years of Independence and 60 years of the great parliament, which is being celebrated by ruling class politicians and the capitalist class.

Indian government has systematically allowed private profit motive to enter the field of education and to wash off the responsibility of the government towards providing quality and common standard education for all children of this country. They have allowed money power to purchase education for those who can afford it. For the vast majority of children of workers and peasants, it is the public or corporation schools where a single teacher teaches the whole school and in many cases under an open sky! While the Indian ruling classes are boasting of many world-level billionaires in their midst and the fast rate of growth of economy, people who create all these wealth are on the roads and their children do not get the necessary education to pull them out of ignorance. On top of this, the Indian government is charging various special taxes in the name of education cess as if they do not have the necessary resources to educate our people.

The article points out the deep shortage of teachers in the schools. Rulers such as Tatas, Ambanis and their political parties must be ashamed of this state of affairs. At one end we have such a shortage of teachers and on the other side we have lakhs of educated and qualified people searching for jobs to make a living! Even the teachers who are employed are highly exploited and paid paltry salaries, especially in the private schools. This system destroys the productive forces of this country on the one side and strangles a majority of children who aspire for good education and better future on the other. Even the noise that is being made today by the government about RTE and quality higher education are primarily focused on providing the big capitalists an educated mass of people for their enterprises so they can make profits and not from the point of view of building a new future for our children and the society as a whole.

This education system must be turned upside down. All children must be given good, quality, and uniform education as a matter of right. This cannot be ensured with greedy capitalists running International schools, Matriculation and CBSE schools for the elite and the rich and the government systematically destroying the government and public schools meant for the common man! If we were to revamp the educational system of this country, then it calls for total revolution and power in the hands of workers and peasants. Only they have genuine interest to see that the future of India is well educated to build a new society with bright future for all. I want to thank you and the writers for this very important and enlightening article.

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