From our Readers: Independence day is used to deceive the masses

The CC statement, on the occasion of Independence Day 2020, explains very well how this day is used as an opportunity by our rulers to deceive the masses. Our leaders have perfected the art of saying what pleases people but doing the exact opposite.

While policies are adopted to help the capitalist class they are glorified with sentiments of nationalism to fool the masses. As the article explains, PM Modi’s call of becoming “aatma-nirbhar”  is one such deception wherein all sectors have been opened up for national and international private players and is labeled as a step towards becoming “self-reliant”. Indeed the national and international bourgeois is becoming “self-reliant” as it is free to exploit the working class at its own will.

The policies of privatization have been aggressively taken ahead by all the governments. The infrastructure of all public sector institutions is built by the hard earned money of the working class. These institutions are gradually turned sick and finally sold off to private players to extract unprecedented profits while looting and exploiting the workers. The article points out that in the greed to maximize their profits in the foreign markets, the Indian capitalist class is ready to collaborate and allow foreign bourgeois penetration into our nation.

On one side where “Unity in Diversity” is the most celebrated slogan in our country, on the other side we still witness discrimination due to caste and communal divide. The policy of “Divide and Rule” is a legacy of the British colonisers which has been continued and in fact has been perfected by the Indian ruling state. Whenever the state stands exposed, flames of communalism are fanned by the rulers to divert people’s attention. Bhagat Singh was labeled “anti-national” by the British imperialists because he dared to fight for the liberation of our country from the exploitative British Raj. Today, people who fight for their rights or even dare to express their opinion against the state are labeled “anti-national”. Departure of the colonial rulers from our country replaced the “Gore Sahab” with “Kale Sahab”, who took over not only the state and power of British Raj but also their tactics which were used to rule the nation.

Raking up feelings of “nationalism” has also been a preferred tool for successive governments to divert people’s attention. Vicious propaganda against China and Pakistan is propagated while alliance with biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world, the US imperialism, has been continuously strengthened.

Once in every 5 years, people get to exercise their right to vote, limited to choosing which manager of the ruling class will get a chance to loot the working class and advance the interests of the capitalist class. In reality state is a tool at the hands of the capitalist class and uses it to fool the masses. Both BJP and Congress are flip sides of the same coin and have worked to advance the agenda of capitalists.

The people of our nation have to become its rulers and bring into reality the call given by our Ghadris in 1857 – “Hum hai iske Maalik, Hindustaan humara hai”.


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