From our Readers: The Struggle Continues

Dear Editor
I am writing to thank you for the important and thoughtful article entitled `Seventy Three Years after Independence: The Struggle Continues for an India without Exploitation and Oppression’ dated September 1, 2020 carried on the CGPI web-site. The article begins with the line which ends with “…political power remains concentrated in very few hands.” This is an extraordinary statement and of great clarity and power and is worthy of being underlined again and again, and hence this note of appreciation.
The article points out several important points, in addition to the point mentioned earlier, which are worth enumeration as under:
* that the wealth and private empires of certain industrial houses is growing in leaps and bounds, and that these have an imperialist aim, in so far as they have a vision of dominating the region in cahoots with US imperialists,
* that millions of people have been either thrown out of work or are working themselves to death and the policies of the Government are only worsening the situation, and in tandem there are several black laws to persecute various sections of the population,
* that there is an acute and ever sharpening contradiction between the exploiters and exploited, and that this is not new, as it was during the British colonial period, which led to the conflict between revolution and compromise within the freedom struggle,
* that these historical trends came to a head during the 1857 war and the revolutionary ideas that formed were combated by the British by inciting riots, sponsoring the Congress party and by the creation of and support to a wealthy class of Indians, who in turn would claim to represent all Indians, and later by sponsoring the Muslim League and accommodating these elite interests,
* that the leadership of the independence movement lay in the hands of these capitalist and landlords, who hoped to replace the British,
* that a revolutionary trend that arose in 1957 was taken forward by, e.g., the Hindustan Ghadar Party as well as the Hindustan Republican Association,
* that the Great October Revolution inspired the Indian revolutionaries and led to the formation of the Communist Party of India,
* that by the end of World War II a revolutionary situation prevailed in India, which was stymied by backroom deals between the British, the Congress and the Muslim League leading to the communal partition of India,
* that the Congress Party actively crushed the revolutionary spirit in the country and in the midst of repression wrote and adopted the 1950 Constitution by an unelected Constituent Assembly,
* that the Preamble of this Constitution claims to serve all the classes while in reality concentrates power in the hands of the bourgeoisie, via the prerogative that lies in the hands of the Cabinet and that the President is bound to accept any recommendation of the Cabinet,
* that all the instruments of statecraft and power lie in the hands of the bourgeoisie,
* that in these 73 years, members of the bourgeoisie have become among the richest in the world, while the workers and peasants remain as powerless as before,
* and that the present system of plunder can and must be replaced by a new State of workers’ and peasants’ rule.
In conclusion, I am thankful to you for this precise and cogent article and would like to reiterate that only revolution can liberate the people of India from the present system of colonial plunder and loot. Let us unite and carry the torch of revolution further.

A. Narayan

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