From our Readers: Babri Masjid Demolition Case

The Editor,


I am writing to thank you for carrying the article entitled `Babri Masjid Demolition Case: No Justice unless those in Command are held Responsible’ dated 29/9/2020′ carried on the online version of MEL. Indeed, after this article, the CBI Special Court did deliver a verdict that acquitted all 32 accused of conspiracy. There has been much breast-beating that the ends of justice have not been served. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind the points made in the article referred to above, where it has been pointed out that irrespective of the verdict, many points need to be brought out. And these may be summarized as under:

  • that the conspiracy was not hatched just by these accused,
  • that it was a pre-meditated and pre-planned act, and that there is an attempt to cover up the truth,
  • that the conspiracy was really of the Central and UP Governments,
  • that Government authorities were involved at the highest levels,
  • that deliberately contradictory FIRs were filed,
  • no cases were filed against the two important political parties, whose leaders were involved,
  • that the issue has become a dogfight between Congress and the BJP,
  • that there has been see-saw surrounding the culpability of important figures including that of L. K. Advani,
  • that the true nature of the conspiracy can be uncovered only against the economic and political background and the programme of `free market reforms’ and the dumping of the `socialistic pattern’ of Indian society,
  • that the communalization of politics has spread from some regions of India to the entire length and breadth of it, to set the working class and people against one another,
  • that the Babri Masjid was a part of the plan of the ruling class and its principal allies,
  • and that there will be no attempt to reveal the truth.

I thank you for carrying this important and insightful and prescient article.

A. Narayan

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