From our Readers: Exposing the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to the recent focus articles on the “Pharmaceutical Industry”. Both the articles expose the super exploitative and never ending profit making interests of the Pharma industry. It exposes how the current pandemic and people’s miseries are used by the big companies to earn huge amount of profits. The real aim of Pharma companies is not to treat people and cure their illness’s, but infact it is to make people dependent on their drugs. This ensure a large demand and in turn huge profits for them.

The state works hand in gloves with these big pharmaceutical monopolies in safeguarding their interests. The Government of India has allowed only limited number of companies to sell the drugs used to treat covid-19 patients. This has limited the supply of drugs and resulted in price hike.

The article also exposes the crazy race involved in the vaccination program across the globe. The entire motive of the vaccination program is to vaccinate every human being on the planet and earn unprecedented levels of profit. Production facilities are being set up even while vaccine is under development. Without even knowing the efficacy of the vaccine, biggest of the companies are pushing for it to earn huge profits at the expense of human lives.

The second article talks about the size of Indian generic dug industry and it’s influence over the global drug market. Over 80 percent of medicines used all over the world for treatment of the deadly illness, AIDS, are supplied by Indian pharma companies. The Indian pharma sector also supplies over 50 percent of the global demand for various vaccines.

The data that explains the amount of profits pocketed by many pharma industries during the last one year was particularly very revealing. On one hand when people were pushed to live in desperate conditions caused due to the pandemic, the pharma industries on the other hand reached ‘never seen before’ levels of profit. While, the pharma industry has been continuously growing, the conditions of people employed in the sector are going from bad to worse. The article explains the miserable conditions of contract and piece rate workers and that they do not even get paid minimum wages. In despair, lakhs of workers were forced to return to their villages during the lockdown.

The entire Pharmaceutical industry is driven by profit logic and does not care for human lives at all. Exposure of the hidden agenda behind Covid vaccination program is very important. These articles exactly do that and hence must be widely circulated.


Shirin, Pune

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