What is the way forward for the United Nations?

75th anniversary of the United Nations: Part-IV

At present, there is a widespread and growing demand among member countries for reform of the UN.  It is unacceptable that just five countries continue to have deciding powers on questions related to war and peace in the UN. This is particularly unacceptable when we see that it is these powers, and particularly US imperialism, who are largely responsible for most of the conflict and rising tensions in today’s world. Depending on their own self-interest, these powers either totally oppose any change in the number of permanent members with veto power in the UN Security Council, or else are willing to include only a few of their own allies or supporters.

The clout exercised by member states based on their financial contribution to the UN is also in violation of the principle of the equality of all member states big or small.  US imperialism in particular uses its financial stranglehold over the UN to “punish” it whenever it doesn’t toe the US line on various issues, or when its actions come in for criticism in the various UN bodies.

Thoroughgoing democratization of the UN is the need of the time.  Some states like India, Germany, Japan, etc, want only a small expansion in the number of permanent members of the UN Security Council with veto power so that they can join the club of big powers.  This is not going to solve the problems of the UN or ensure world peace.

As a step towards democratization of the UN, the Security Council must be subordinate and accountable to the General Assembly consisting of all member states.  All its members should be elected and there should be no permanent members with veto power.  Decisions taken in the Security Council should be ratified in the General Assembly.

At the same time it must be remembered that the real source of war and aggression in today’s world is the striving for domination and maximum profits by a handful of imperialist powers.  The existence of a world body like the UN cannot in itself ensure lasting peace.  Consistent and united struggle by the world’s peoples against the imperialist system and all forms of aggression alone can save humanity from the horrors of war. Only a thoroughly democratized UN, that represents the voice of the great majority of members, can help to expose and serve as a check on the unbridled ambitions of the imperialist powers.

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