Crisis of Indian Republic and the way out

As we approach the 61st anniversary of the present Republic, the economic and political system in our country faces an all-sided crisis. The system is mired in a crisis of credibility.
As we approach the 61st anniversary of the present Republic, the economic and political system in our country faces an all-sided crisis. The system is mired in a crisis of credibility.

There is widespread anger among the vast majority of workers and working intellectuals. They are angry with the rulers for failing to curb the unbearable and continuous rise in prices of food and other essential commodities.
Despite the soaring retail prices, the majority of peasants are not receiving enough to cover their rising costs of production. More and more of them are sinking into debt, with all sections facing growing insecurity.
The Indian Republic has fully exposed its inability and unwillingness to provide prosperity or protection to the vast majority of its citizens. Economic distress and increasing insecurity are the only things being delivered to the toiling majority.
Only super-rich parasitic elite, headed by the Tatas, Ambanis, Birlas and other monopoly capitalist houses, enjoy rapid and continuous prosperity and expansion of wealth. The rulers boast about India having arrived as a global power, while those whose toil produces the wealth have no share in prosperity.
Contradictions have become acute among the capitalists over sharing the loot. Inter-monopoly conflicts are so acute that even a veteran of the big capitalists, like Ratan Tata, was drawn into a mudslinging match with an opposition member of parliament over the Radia tapes.
Recent exposure of giant sized scandals has revealed that political power in the existing Indian Republic lies in the hands of monopoly capitalists and the multi-billionaires, who are interlinked with the political elite. The super-rich exploiting minority dictates the course of the economy and decides the fate of our society, through its political parties, senior bureaucrats, lobbyists and other agencies and instruments. The exposure of Indian democracy as nothing but the dictatorship of monopoly capitalists has further fueled the discontent and anger among the masses of people.
In his New Year message, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared that his government will rededicate itself to serve the aam aadmi. Workers and peasants can see that this is a blatant lie. Life experience has shown the real way in which the present system works. The system works under the direction of monopoly capitalists who have become global players today. Parliament is a talk-shop, while the real business of decision-making is carried out behind the scenes. The central government is committed to manage the rule of the capitalists, while dishing out platitudes about the aam aadmi.
In order to blunt the growing consciousness of the toiling masses, to divert their attention and misdirect their anger, the central government is deliberately and cynically fanning the flames of sectarian warfare among the people in Andhra Pradesh.
As the 61st anniversary of the Republic and its Constitution draws near, it is clear that this old Republic is in crisis. The ruling class politicians will once again promise to ‘cleanse’ this rotting state, which is a colonial legacy. The occasion will be used to show off Indian military might and growing global clout. Ruling class politicians will appeal to the people to place our faith in this Republic, even though it is decaying and stinking from all pores.
Workers, peasants and working people have no cause to celebrate. There is no reason to accept the continuation of this rotting Republic, no matter how powerful it’s military might and global clout. This Republic and its Constitution are roadblocks for progress. The need of the hour is the rebirth of our country on new foundations, with a new Constitution. The working class and toiling masses have to give birth to the New. They have to carry out the Navnirman of India.
The Prime Minister says, in his New Year’s message, that we must not be despondent or cynical.
We are not despondent, Mr. Prime Minister, we are angry. We do not believe in your reform program, which is ruining the majority of us and aggravating our insecurity. We cannot accept your promise to serve the aam aadmi, because we can see that your government is serving the Tatas, Ambanis and other big capitalists.
We are not cynical, Mr. Prime Minister. We want to act to change the situation. We do not wish to continue with this old and stinking system any longer. We would like to start afresh.
We, the workers, peasants, women and youth of the country, want to take charge and dictate the course of society. We want a new Constitution, a new Indian Union, a voluntary Union of Workers’ and Peasants’ Republics. We want a new economic orientation that will deliver prosperity and protection to all who toil. This is the only way to lift our society out of crisis, and to march on the high road of civilization.



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