People’s Voice – August 1-15 2011

The situation calls for sober analysis and farsightedness

Lal Singh, General Secretary, Communist Ghadar Party of India, 16th July, 2011

Who stands to gain from the serial bomb blasts that rocked Mumbai on 13th July?  If the crime is not one of passion but of cold political calculation, then the political motive needs to be examined. Read more

Condemn the 13th July terror attacks in Mumbai!

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What is the trouble with Air India and who is the trouble-maker?

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Down with the US imperialist attacks on Pakistan!

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Upcoming Strike of Bank workers

Interview with Comrade Ramanand about the upcoming Strike of Bank workers

Following the call for an all-India strike on 5 August by the United Forum of Bank Unions (5 employees’ unions and 4 officers’ unions), correspondents of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar interviewed one of the most senior leaders of bank workers in Delhi on 13 July, 2011. Comrade Ramanand is General Secretary of the Delhi State – Bank Employees Federation and one of the leading members of All-India Bank Employees’ Association. Read more

Confidentiality Act is a legacy of British colonial rule

Interview with P.K. Sharma, Convenor, United Forum of Bank Unions & General Secretary, State Bank of India Staff Association (Delhi Circle) & National Confederation of Bank Employees (Delhi State)

The Confidentiality Act is a legacy of British colonial rule, like the Land Acquisition Act.  The law exists from the epoch when we were enslaved to the white man. Read more

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