From our Readers: Dominance of US imperialism in the UN and way forward

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to the recent focus articles published under the title, “75th anniversary of the United Nations”. All the articles are extremely well written and list out important facts and information from the history. Knowing history of its establishment and various phases of development helps us gain perspective on its role and stands taken today in the matters of geopolitics.

Articles explain the dominant role played by US imperialists in the UN which acts as the biggest hurdle in its functioning. Following points are taken out from the article that highlight the imperialist role played by US to advance its hegemonic aims:

  • In blatant violation of the UN Charter, US imperialism and its allies launch wars of aggression and try to block all criticism of their actions in the UN and its affiliated organisations.
  • The UN was powerless to take meaningful action against the repeated attacks by the US-backed state of Israel against the Palestinian and other Arab peoples, the US invasion of Vietnam, the American threats and aggression against Cuba, and so on.
  • The devastation wrought by its actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and other places has no parallel. It continues to enforce inhuman sanctions against countries that oppose its dictate, like Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and so on. The UN has not been able to defend these countries.
  • US has even been able to arm-twist the United Nations into passing resolutions sanctioning its acts of aggression and its interference in the affairs of other states.
  • The richer states with larger financial contributions to the UN also exercise much greater clout in the UN than the majority of states. US imperialism in particular uses its financial stranglehold over the UN to “punish” it whenever it doesn’t toe the US line on various issues, or when its actions come in for criticism in the various UN bodies.
  • All decisions related to war and peace and the deployment of UN armed forces still require the consent of the five permanent members – US, UK, France, China and Russia.

Many member nations feel excluded from crucial decision-making and have been demanding restructuring and reforms of the UN and its agencies. It is unacceptable that just five countries continue to have deciding powers on questions related to war and peace in the UN. Final article very aptly talks about the steps to be taken to bring about the reforms in the UN:

  • Thoroughgoing democratization of the UN is the need of the time.
  • As a step towards democratization of the UN, the Security Council must be subordinate and accountable to the General Assembly consisting of all member states.
  • All its members should be elected and there should be no permanent members with veto power.
  • Decisions taken in the Security Council should be ratified in the General Assembly.
  • The great majority of countries represented in the UN must come together as one to demand strict and consistent adherence to the principles of the UN Charter as well as reform of the UN’s structure, to prevent its domination by big powers.

The article concludes with a call for people of the world to unite and wage a struggle against the imperialist system and all forms of aggression to save humanity from any kind of war.

Thanking You,

Shirin, Pune


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