On the 103rd Anniversary of the October Revolution:

Proletarian Revolution is the Necessity of the Times

On 7th November, 1917, the working class captured political power in Russia. This shook the entire world. It struck terror in the hearts of the capitalists of all countries. It inspired and gave hope to the workers and oppressed peoples of all countries.

Today, the whole world is in the grip of a severe crisis. Wars and genocide are rampant. The masses of working people everywhere are living in economic deprivation. At the other pole, a very tiny minority is appropriating the social wealth created by the labour of working people. The masses of people have no say in setting the course of society. They are completely marginalized by the political process.

There is a crying need for a fundamental and deep-going change in the system. This is why the Great October Revolution in Russia, the establishment of proletarian democracy and socialism there, hold valuable lessons for us today.

The October Revolution gave birth to a new state and society that put the working people at the centre. The new Soviet State expropriated the big capitalists and converted large-scale industry, transport, banking and trade into social enterprises under public ownership. It inspired the poor peasants to voluntarily pool their land and create large-scale collective farms. The production and distribution of all goods and services were brought under one single plan to fulfil the needs of all the working people. A new socialist economic system emerged, in which there was no unemployment, no inflation and no crises of any kind.

There were no longer any exploiting classes, no privileges for anyone. Every worker, peasant and soldier enjoyed the right to elect and be elected to the legislative bodies. They also enjoyed the right to recall those they elected at any time. The Soviet State created the conditions for women to break free from all forms of discrimination and enjoy equal status in all spheres of life. It guaranteed peace, prosperity and protection for all members of society. It strengthened the unity of all diverse nations and peoples who had joined hands to build the socialist system.

The achievements of the revolution and socialism in the Soviet Union were possible because of the exemplary leadership of the Bolshevik Party, consisting of the most advanced conscious elements of the working class. The Bolshevik Party, headed by Lenin, succeeded in creating the revolutionary consciousness and organization with which the working class could overthrow the exploiters and become the ruling class. Smashing all illusions about bourgeois democracy, it led the workers, peasants and soldiers to spearhead the establishment of Soviet democracy, a form of proletarian democracy. It is because the masses of working people acted as one mighty force along the line indicated by the Party, that they succeeded in overthrowing the rule of the bourgeoisie.

Starting in 1956, the leadership of the Soviet Party began to abandon the revolutionary road of class struggle and preach peaceful coexistence with the imperialist system.  This led to the restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union and its transformation into an imperialist power, colluding and contending with US imperialism for world domination. It resulted in the arms race and the hostile division of the world into the spheres of influence of the two superpowers.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991 has been followed by an unprecedented anti-social offensive of the world bourgeoisie, under the banner of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation.  Brutal repression of people’s resistance, unjust wars in the name of fighting terrorism, imperialist interventions in the name of defending democracy have become the standard operating procedure of the US imperialists and their allies.  The deterioration in the conditions of the working class and all oppressed peoples over the past 30 years has more than ever created the necessity for putting an end to the man-eating capitalist-imperialist system.

In our country, there is an urgent necessity to smash all the illusions kept alive about this system of capitalism, defended by the so-called secular and democratic Indian State and political process of multi-party representative democracy. Only a victorious proletarian revolution will open the path to the liberation of the workers, peasants, and all the exploited and oppressed of our country.  This is what the October Revolution teaches us.

On this occasion, we are reproducing the articles which were published by the Communist Ghadar Party of India three years ago, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Great October Revolution in Russia.

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