Paving the path to revolution



I am writing to thank Com. Lal Singh, General  Secretary of our party for his in depth speech entitled `Onward with the program for people’s empowerment’  the transcript of which has been carried in the March 16-31, 2013 issue of MEL.  This speech was delivered on the 20th anniversary of the historic rally held in the Ferozeshah Kotla grounds in New Delhi on February 22, 1993.  It would be an opportune moment to recall that it was a time at which the country had been plunged into a bloodbath by the ruling circles with the demolition of the Babri Masjid taking place three months prior to the rally, with the background being that of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the east bloc and the emergence of the uni-polar world, and the launch of the first Gulf war.  It was a period in which the US leading the Anglo-American bloc was claiming to stake its victory in the cold war, and its aim of global conquest firs through the control of the oil rich regions, and its declaration that there was no alternative to the system that it would dictate.  The Indian ruling circles sensed an opportunity to reorient themselves and the Indian economy to eventually stake claim to becoming an imperial power itself, entering a period of contention and collusion with the Anglo-American camp.  However, the main obstacle to this would be the Indian people on whose backs this plan of the ruling circles would have to ride.  It was ushering in a period when its anti-people agenda clothed in the garb of liberalization and privatization would not go unchallenged.  In fact, it would call in question the entire ruling apparatus of a majority of seats going into the hands of one or another of the bourgeois parties, and would usher in the period of coalition politics, underlining the innate instability of the arrangements within the ruling circles themselves.  The past twenty years have proved that what was ushered in at that time has meant only disaster for majority of the Indian people, with their vast immiseration on the one hand, and the vast concentration of wealth at the other pole.  Indeed, at a time when the onslaught on the socialism and communism was at its height, our party stood by the classical position that it would only be revolution that would guarantee the emancipation of the people of India.  In this crucible was born the notion of people’s empowerment as an essential stepping stone towards the goal.  In these twenty years, our party has stood by this position and has fought tooth and nail against capitulation.  As Com. Lal Singh points out, even at this time this work has to continue so as to pave the path to revolution.  I would like to thank him for his in depth and incisive speech.


A. Narayan, Bangalore

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