Unite and stay the hands of US imperialism!

No to imperialist war against Syria!

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 9th September, 2013 

US Imperialism has bared its fangs once again. US President Obama has announced that the US will launch a war of aggression against Syria at any moment.

No to imperialist war against Syria!

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 9th September, 2013 

US Imperialism has bared its fangs once again. US President Obama has announced that the US will launch a war of aggression against Syria at any moment. He has declared that US will carry out unilateral aggression on Syria, in contempt of the UN Charter and all international norms governing relations between countries. Turning truth on its head, the US President is accusing the Government of Syria of violating international norms, as justification for aggression in the name of punishment.

US imperialism is deliberately inflaming the situation in West Asia. It must be held solely responsible for endangering peace and security of West Asia and the whole world.

The conquest of Syria is being viewed by US imperialism as a prelude to the conquest of Iran and the consolidation of American domination over West Asia. It is an integral part of the strategy of the US to ensure its unrivalled domination over Asia and the whole world.

For over two years, US imperialism and its allies, the regimes in Britain, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have been arming and financing various rebel groups. The aim has been to spread anarchy and violence, divide Syria on sectarian lines, as had been done earlier in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and carry out regime change by overthrowing the Assad regime. Tens of thousands of people have been killed in the course of this murderous civil war, and lakhs have been turned into refugees. The simultaneous economic embargo imposed on Syria by the European Union has created enormous hardships for the Syrian people. However, belying the dreams of the US imperialists and its allies, the Syrian regime has not collapsed.

It is in such a situation that US imperialism began doing propaganda that the government of Syria had a stockpile of chemical weapons and therefore it must be overthrown since it was likely to use it against the rebels. Finally, it announced that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against people on August 21.  

It is well known that the US imperialists themselves have the longest and deadliest record of using chemical, nuclear, biological and other such weapons against their enemies.  They were the first and only power to ever use nuclear weapons, in the process killing lakhs of Japanese at one stroke at the end of World War II.  They used chemical weapons such as napalm and the infamous ‘Agent Orange’ which were responsible for countless horrible deaths and burn injuries suffered by the Vietnamese and Cambodian people during the Vietnam War.  They supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons for use against Iran and the Kurdish people in Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war.  They have the biggest stockpile of such weapons in the world today.  All their allies have big stockpiles of such weapons, including Israel.

Evidence so far points to the rebels being armed with chemical weapons by the US and its allies. The Syrian government has invited UN inspection teams to verify the existence or deployment of chemical weapons. An earlier UN weapons inspection team had clearly concluded that it was likely that the rebels were using chemical weapons, and not the Syrian government. Now too, reports from the ground point to the same. A UN inspection team has just left Syria and its conclusions will be known only a few weeks from now. Russia has submitted a dossier to the Security Council on the Syrian rebels being armed with chemical weapons and using them. Even the UN Secretary General has opposed war as a solution to the problem in Syria. Ignoring all this, US President Obama has declared that the US has “proof” that the Syrian government is “guilty” and must be “punished”.

The experience of the past two decades has shown that behind the slogans of “defence of democracy”, “human rights”, “war against terror”, “humanitarian aid”, etc., lies the bloodthirsty aim of US imperialism of crushing all opposition to its domination anywhere in the world.

The US economy is a highly militarized economy and the military industrial complex in the US sets the agenda for foreign policy. US imperialism is using its military might to defend the hegemony of the Dollar in international trade, which in turn is being used to finance its war budget. The course pursued by US imperialism is inevitably leading to the sharpening of inter-imperialist contradictions amongst the big powers of today, and the sharpening of the battle for re-divison of the globe.

At the very moment when Obama was announcing his decision to go to war against Syria, without waiting for approval by the UN Security Council, tens of thousands of antiwar demonstrators could be heard in the background, expressing the opposition of the American people to any war against Syria. Powerful antiwar demonstrations have taken place in many Arab countries, as well as in Turkey. So much is the opposition to another imperialist war in Britain that the Cameron government was forced to seek a vote in parliament, and suffered defeat on that vote. Russia and China have expressed their firm opposition to war and regime change by force in Syria.

We cannot afford to be under any illusion that India is safe from the marauding activity of US imperialism. We must raise our voice in the most powerful way to oppose US imperialist aggression against Syria and against other countries. Let us unitedly force our government to take a firm stand in international forums, including the UN Security Council and the Non Aligned Movement, against US aggression on Syria. It is US imperialism that deserves to be condemned and punished for crimes against humanity.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India unequivocally condemns the criminal US imperialist instigated provocations against the people and government of Syria.  We call on the working class and people of our country and all peace and justice loving forces to unite and oppose imperialist war against Syria.

Let us stay the hands of US imperialism!

Unite in defence of the national sovereignty of Syria!

No to the use of force in relations between states!

US imperialism, Hands off Syria!

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