Condemn the imperialist inspired civil war and regime change in Ukraine!

The unfolding events in Ukraine pose the greatest threat to the freedom and independence of Ukraine and world peace. The Communist Ghadar Party condemns the US and the European Union for creating the crisis in Ukraine.

The unfolding events in Ukraine pose the greatest threat to the freedom and independence of Ukraine and world peace. The Communist Ghadar Party condemns the US and the European Union for creating the crisis in Ukraine.

Ukraine is a massive country with an area which is over 6 lakh square km (a little less than the combined size of Rajasthan and Maharashtra). It is an industrialized country, and at the same time very rich in agriculture, known as the bread basket of Europe. It was the second biggest republic of the former Soviet Union, after Russia and has had close historical ties with Russia.

Ukraine has been one of the main experimental venues of the “colored revolutions” sponsored by US imperialism and its intelligence agencies. In 2004, the CIA organized the “orange revolution” in this country, using various neo Nazi and fascist groups. However, these fascist forces soon discredited themselves. They were unable to achieve the aims of the US and European imperialists — a break with Russia, integration with European Union, and becoming part of the encirclement of Russia.  This was because of the opposition of  the people of Ukraine to being used as pawns in the geo political strategy of the US and EU.

The US and EU have been trying to get all the former European Republics of the Soviet Union into NATO and the EU, with the aim of encircling Russia from the West, and strangulating it.  Russia on the other hand, is trying to forge what Putin has called a Eurasian Union, of Russia and such other former Republics of the Soviet Union which agree to join it. Ukraine has become a key bone of contention between the US and EU on one hand, and Russia on the other.

The latest crisis burst into the open in November 2013, when the elected government of Ukraine headed by President Viktor Yanukovych rejected the demands of the European Union to break Ukraine’s relations with Russia and take measures to join the European Union. Immediately following this, the US, Germany, Britain, France and other powers openly stepped up their activities for regime change in Ukraine. They instigated various neo Nazi and fascist groups to organize “peaceful protests” in the capital Kiev, and other towns. Deliberate provocations were organized and anarchy and violence was spread by these groups. The acts of violence of the “peaceful protestors,” include kidnappings, torture and attacks on soldiers. As of February 22, the Ukraine government reported 82 deaths. Meanwhile, Foreign ministers of Sweden, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and Germany proposed to discuss the possibility of deploying a “peacekeeping force” to Ukraine.

Every effort of the Ukrainian President to resolve the crisis peacefully, by negotiating with the different opposition groups, was deliberately sabotaged by the US. The US made it known to the leaders of various groups that it was interested in nothing less than the overthrow of the existing constitutional order.  This is revealed among other things by the transcript of the phone conversation between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, which is said to have taken place on February 6, 2014. The transcript is available on the website of CGPI.

On February 22, the Ukrainian Cabinet abandoned the President and capitulated to the pressure and blackmail of the imperialists. Yanukovych called the country’s political crisis a coup and said it resembles the rise of Nazis in the 1930s, before leaving the country.

As expected, Russia responded to the coup in Ukraine with its parliament authorizing President Putin to carry out military intervention in Ukraine “to protect Russians” if needed. The parliament of the Crimean region of Ukraine, which houses the Ukrainian Black Sea Fleet, and which has a majority Russian speaking population, unanimously decided to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation, calling for a referendum in Crimea to decide the issue. The US and EU have accused Russia of deploying troops in Crimea, which Russia has denied.

It is clear that the US and EU are fomenting civil war and working for the elimination of the state of Ukraine in its present form. In typical Nazi style, Obama is turning truth on its head, pretending to be in defence of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and accusing Russia of working for the division of Ukraine.

The US is fomenting civil war in Ukraine and opposing all possibilities of peaceful solution, to encircle Russia and conquer it, as part of the grand plan of conquest of Asia.

The US knows that if Ukraine is destroyed, or made to break with Russia, the Eurasian Union of Russia would be a non starter. Russia would be more or less completely encircled on its Western flank. The Russian Black Sea naval Fleet could be easily choked up, closing the only warm water outlet for Russia to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf, and the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. 

As the crisis of Ukraine deepens, the governments of US, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Canada, are openly revealing their hands. They are promising billions of dollars and Euros to the forces in Ukraine who will play their game. Simultaneously, they are putting pressure on the Russian economy through freezing of Russian assets abroad. At the same time, it must be noted that there are sharp inter imperialist contradictions between the US and Germany.

The world is being relentlessly hurled into a new World War. The aims of the US and its allies are to establish complete domination of the world, by smashing all challenges to this domination. The UN is but another tool to legitimize this. When it suits the imperialists, they intervene militarily in the name of “democracy”, “war against terrorism”, “human rights”. When it suits them, they talk about defending “national sovereignty and territorial integrity”. The biggest criminals, the biggest fascists and terrorists, violators of human rights, enemies of the sovereignty of peoples and countries, are using their control over the international monopoly media to demonise their victims and rivals, and paint themselves in lily white colors. The overt and covert financing and arming of various groups by the imperialists, the use of the banner of “democracy” to spread anarchy and violence, the deployment of fascist forces, and the manipulation of the different political forces in each country to achieve these aims are all part of realizing this aim. This is revealed in what is going on in 4 different continents — Ukraine in Europe, Thailand in Asia, Egypt in Africa, and Venezuela in Latin America.   

The Communist Ghadar Party calls upon working class and people of our country to resolutely condemn the fomenting of regime change, civil war, and the destruction of Ukraine, by the US and EU. We must not forget that India too, like Russia, China, and other countries is a target of the imperialists as part of their plans to conquer Asia.

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