Condemn the barbaric Israeli attack on the people of Gaza!

Support the just struggle of the Palestinian people to live with dignity in their homeland!

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 11th August, 2014

For over a month, the people of Gaza have been facing a savage assault by the Israeli armed forces.

Support the just struggle of the Palestinian people to live with dignity in their homeland!

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 11th August, 2014

For over a month, the people of Gaza have been facing a savage assault by the Israeli armed forces. With cold blooded precision, hundreds of rockets and bombs have been rained on schools, UN refugee camps, hospitals, power and water supply stations and the homes of the people. Over 2000 people have been killed, including several hundred children. Tens of thousands of men, women and children have been grievously injured. Over 2 lakh people have been forced to flee their homes.

The international media, dominated by the Anglo American imperialists, is presenting the barbaric Israeli offensive as being allegedly in response to the killing of three Israeli youth, for which they blame the Palestinian authority and Hamas, without any shred of evidence. The truth is being turned on its head, with the aggressors being painted as the “victims of terrorism”.

Even as Israel rains death and destruction on the Palestinian people, the US Government is continuing to supply it with the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction and a sophisticated missile protection shield.

All over the world, in all the continents, justice loving people have come onto the streets in powerful demonstrations to condemn the Israeli state and demand immediate halt to its offensive in Gaza. This includes demonstrations by progressive persons and organisations within Israel as well.

Many member states of the United Nations have expressed their strong opposition to Israel’s attacks on the people of Gaza. However, the US has used its veto power in the UN Security Council to prevent any effective action to put an end to the attacks.

Communist Ghadar Party of India unequivocally condemns the state of Israel and its US imperialist sponsors for this onslaught on the Palestinian people of Gaza. We condemn it as a monstrous crime against humanity!

The First World War was an inter imperialist war between two major camps of imperialists to repartition the world in their own favour. At the end of the First World War, with the collapse of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, the British and French imperialists joined together to redraw the map of West Asia and partition it amongst themselves as part of the spoils of victory. A major portion of this region had earlier been part of the Turkish Empire. The land of the Palestinians became a colony of the British imperialists.

Like other colonized peoples of the world, the people of Palestine began to wage a struggle against colonial rule. In 1948, at the end of the Second World War, the Anglo-American imperialists established the state of Israel in the land of the Palestinians. Far from winning liberation, the Palestinian people were robbed of their homeland and turned into refugees. The Palestinian people have never reconciled to this. They have waged and continue to wage a heroic struggle for their existence as a people and for the restoration of their homeland.

People of the Jewish faith had long been victims of discrimination and persecution in many countries of Europe. They were targeted by capitalist states with the aim of breaking the unity of the working class and its struggle for a new society. The Nazis in Germany organised large-scale genocide of Jews, alongside the persecution of communists and trade unionists. Millions of Jews were massacred in cold blood in the death camps of the Nazis.

The Anglo-American imperialists implemented a diabolical plan that they had long ago prepared. This was to establish a Zionist state of Israel in the lands of the Palestinians. This plan had been launched at the end of the First World War by the Anglo French imperialists, to make sure that the colonies of West Asia and North Africa would remain under their control, alongside of the huge resources of petroleum and gas. Towards this end, they had funded and encouraged a movement amongst the Jewish people in Europe called the Zionist movement. The Zionist movement propagated that Jews would never be safe from persecution anywhere in the world until they established their own country in Palestine, which they asserted was the lands their ancestors had come from. The Anglo American imperialists exploited the terror that had been created by the Nazi genocide of Jews to encourage and organise the mass migration of the survivors of the holocaust to settle in the new state of Israel, which was located within the land of the Palestinians.

The real aim of the Anglo American imperialists was to create a state which would serve the global aims and interests of the Anglo-American imperialists, by acting as their “loaded gun” within the Middle East. Since 1948, US imperialism has poured billions of dollars into the project of arming Israel to the teeth. Israel has used its armed might to expand its territories through numerous wars. It has turned all the original inhabitants of Palestine into refugees.

The Palestinians have been forced to live in two enclaves, Gaza and the West Bank, which are physically separated from each other by the territory of Israel. The Israeli Army marches at will into these enclaves.

Gaza is like a massive slum, where people live in the most squalid conditions. This small area of 365 sq. km has a population of over 18 lakh refugees. The people of Gaza have little or no source of livelihood other than to go to work in Israel during the day and return by night. In the 1990’s, as part of a peace accord, the territory of Gaza was allowed “self-rule”, under a Palestinian National Authority.

Two rounds of elections have been held for the Palestine Legislative Council. The most recent was in 2006, in which Hamas won 44% of the votes and 74 out of 132 seats. Soon after a new government headed by Hamas was sworn in, Israel launched a series of raids into Gaza and West Bank, destroying civilian infrastructure and arresting dozens of Hamas supporters, including elected cabinet ministers and members of the Legislative Council. Gaza has been blockaded since then from land, air and sea. From food to medicines, everything is blockaded.

There is no justification whatsoever for what Israel is doing in Gaza. The Anglo-American imperialists are turning truth on its head by repeating the lie that Hamas is to blame for the terrible situation. They are trying to equate the just struggle of the Palestinian people to end the blockade of Gaza and defend their right to exist as a people, to the inhuman carpet bombing by Israel of schools, hospitals and civilian targets.

The rulers of India are refusing to take a clear position against the criminal Israeli offensive against the Palestinians. They are more concerned about developing their strategic partnership with the US and military cooperation with Israel, than about defending the truth and the rights of the Palestinian people.

The struggle of the people of Palestine to end the occupation of their homeland and affirm their right to exist as a people deserves the support of all of progressive humankind!

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