Oppose the dangerous drive of US and its allies to conquer Ukraine and encircle Russia!

A devastating civil war is raging within Ukraine, with the Ukraine army launching a bloody offensive against the people in the eastern part of the country, with the full political and military backing of the US imperialists and NATO forces.

A devastating civil war is raging within Ukraine, with the Ukraine army launching a bloody offensive against the people in the eastern part of the country, with the full political and military backing of the US imperialists and NATO forces.

In the east Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as in other cities in the eastern part, where there have been massive popular protests against the present Ukraine regime the Ukrainian army continued its brutal shelling of residential areas and hospitals, throughout the first week of August. According to the local authorities, in the last few days, more than 33 civilians have been killed and 129 reported injured in artillery fire. Serious human rights violations and abuses have also been reported from the areas in which the Ukrainian army has regained control. The Ukrainian armed forces have been bombing the people of Eastern Ukraine from the air, destroying homes, hospitals and residential areas. With the full support of the US imperialists and NATO forces, the Ukranian army is acting like an aggressor and occupation force against its own people in the eastern part of the country.

Turning truth on its head, the US installed illegal fascist regime in Ukraine and its US and European backers are calling the people who have risen in revolt as “separatists” and “agents” of Russia. The US imperialists are pretending that they stand for the sovereignty of Ukraine. Nothing can be further from the truth. They want to conquer Ukraine and bring it under their economic, political and military domination with the help of the puppet regime and its armed forces.

In November 1913, the US and Germany launched their fascist agencies in Ukraine to spread anarchy and violence in the capital city Kiev. Many of these fascist groups were nurtured and trained from the time of the Second World War, by the German Nazis, and later adopted by the US and Germany as their own. These fascist forces attacked and burnt trade union centers, attacked police forces, and spread mayhem. The activities of these fascists were portrayed as “democratic” by the US imperialist controlled media. By February, the elected government of Ukraine was forced to resign and a government was put into place of a coalition of fascist parties all openly demanding that Ukraine be part of NATO and the EU. Through such a coup d etat, the US imperialists installed their choice puppet regime in Ukraine. This is what the US means by “defence of sovereignty” of Ukraine.

The people of Ukraine, especially in the Eastern and Southern regions, refused to accept the illegal pro US regime of fascists installed by the US. They rose in rebellion. They do not want to be part of NATO military alliance. They do not want to lose their independence and sovereignty. They have had close historical bonds with the Russian people, and refuse to be part of any plans to encircle Russia.

The US and NATO forces have decided to more openly back the fascist puppet regime they have installed in power, to crush the rebellion of the working class and people of Ukraine. NATO secretary general Rasmussen traveled to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev in the first week of August, to offer NATO military and logistical support to the Ukrainian army. He was awarded the highest award of the Ukrainian state for foreigners, the Order of Freedom, while the Ukrainian president Poroshenko declared that “we hope the development of our cooperation with NATO is the key to the success of our reforms, security and territorial integrity.” At the same time, US President Barack Obama declared, “We have a whole package of support ready for the Ukrainian government and its army. We will continue to work with them, week after week, day after day, evaluating what they need specifically so that they can protect their country.”

Far from defending the sovereignty of Ukraine, the present puppet regime has openly handed over the keys of the country to the US and NATO forces!

To further put pressure on the Ukrainian patriots, and on Russia, the US has sent the missile cruiser Vella Gulf into the Black Sea. The ship is equipped with, among other things, surface to air missiles and Tomahawk cruise missiles. Russia and Ukraine border on the Black Sea. The provinces of Ukraine on the Black Sea are amongst those that have risen in rebellion against the betrayal of the country’s sovereignty by the US backed puppet regime.

Meanwhile, the US and EU have stepped up their sanctions war against Russia accusing it of “supporting separatists” in Ukraine. Russia has declared that it is considering retaliating to these sanctions with its own counter sanctions.

The civil war in Ukraine has been instigated and organized and is being fully supported and aided by the US imperialists and NATO forces, as part of their strategy to conquer Ukraine and bring it under NATO EU control, and encircle Russia. There is every possibility that a bigger conflagration takes place between NATO and Russia. The diabolical strategy of US in Ukraine is part of the plan to conquer the whole of Asia, just as it has effectively conquered Europe. The dangerous designs of the US imperialists must be opposed by all peace and freedom loving peoples.

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