Comrade Lal Singh’s speech at the function held to celebrate the 34th anniversary of the Communist Ghadar Party of India

Comrades and friends,

I have great joy in welcoming all of you to this celebration of the 34th birth anniversary of Communist Ghadar Party.

We have gathered here at a time when our country and the whole world faces a grave situation.

Comrades and friends,

I have great joy in welcoming all of you to this celebration of the 34th birth anniversary of Communist Ghadar Party.

We have gathered here at a time when our country and the whole world faces a grave situation.

Even as I speak, war drums are being beaten by the United States against Russia. Through a legislation passed this month, President Obama has obtained advance congressional approval for declaring war on Russia.

The US imperialists are threatening to attack Russia for allegedly violating the sovereignty of Ukraine. It is none other than the US imperialists who violated the sovereignty of Ukraine in the first place. They organised to topple an elected government and bring to power a gang of Nazi fascists. Now they are spreading lies to paint Russia as the villain. They have persuaded and pressurised the European Union to go along with the American plan to weaken and destroy Russia.

The people of Russia have already been plunged into enormous suffering as a result of the trade sanctions imposed by the US and European Union. On top of that, Russia now faces a balance of payments crisis due to the sharp decline in oil prices which US imperialism has organised to bring about. The Russian government is now engaged in emergency measures to defend the country from a US-led external aggression.

US imperialism is hell-bent to defend the privileged position of the Dollar and to establish its hegemony over Asia and all continents, even if it means dragging human society into a deadly Third World War.

At such a time, the rulers of our country have invited US President Obama to be the Chief Guest at India’s Republic Day next month. They are rejoicing that Obama has accepted the invitation. Prime Minister Modi is being praised for having made such a smart move. Vinaash kaale vipreet buddhi! (Those who are facing destruction can only use their brains negatively).

Government of India receiving Obama as chief guest on Republic Day, at a time when he is preparing to declare war on Russia, does not portent well for the future of our country and our people. It is not good for our neighbours. It is not in the interest of the peoples of Asia. It does not portent well for world peace.

For the sake of playing host to this chief representative of the world’s most dangerous warmongering and terrorist State, our rulers are prepared to allow US security forces to take over the security of Delhi on the eve of Republic Day. It is a shameful act that is being presented as a clever move.

We are being bombarded with the propaganda that befriending the United States would help India become strong and powerful in the world. Nothing can be farther than the truth. History provides ample evidence of states which became military partners and allies of America ending up being wrecked and ruined as a result.

Look at Pakistan. It was the most reliable American ally in South Asia for many decades. It received massive amounts of US arms and armaments. Today it is being called a “failed State” and being repeatedly destabilised by the US. The economy and entire social life of Pakistan has been wrecked by the all-pervasive domination of US imperialism. People have to live constantly with the fear of being targeted by one of the numerous terrorist groups sponsored by the CIA, besides the fear of being killed by an American drone attack.

The past 20 years have revealed the method of operation of the US imperialists. Using their control over the major international news agencies and TV channels, they first concoct and spread lies to portray a particular regime and its leader as a terrible villain and a danger to world peace. This is accompanied by the CIA channelling enormous amounts of money and arms to various groups within the target country.  The regime of that country is then accused of using inhuman methods to put down its political opponents. A pretext is thereby created for armed intervention from outside, in the name of defending democracy or restoring peace, order and good governance.

This was the method used to conquer Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Similar methods have been pursued in Syria. The US game plan for regime change in Syria has not succeeded so far. One major factor has been Russia’s support to the present regime in Syria, a long-term ally. Now the American rulers are preparing for war against Russia by blaming Putin for the crisis they themselves have organised in Ukraine.

Imperialist aggression and fascist suppression of political dissent are sought to be justified under the pretext of fighting Islamic terrorism. In the period of the Cold War, US imperialism and its allies sought to justify their criminal interventions and aggressions in the name of containing communism. While their slogan has changed, the strategic aim of imperialism remains essentially the same. It is to prolong the life of the crisis-ridden capitalist system, maintain the domination of finance capital and the enslavement of nations and peoples, and prevent any breach in the imperialist chain through the outbreak of revolution in any country.

The struggles being waged by the peoples of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan and other countries in our neighbourhood are not inspired by “Islamic fundamentalism”, as it is portrayed by the imperialists. They are struggles against imperialism and for the right of these nations and peoples to determine their own destiny.

Truth is that these peoples have a proud history of having fought uncompromisingly against Anglo-American and other imperialists who sought to enslave them. They are brave peoples whose desire for freedom and independence cannot be crushed by force. They are being slandered as being fundamentalists and terrorists.

Any organisation that is opposing the aggressive drive of the US-led imperialist bloc is playing a revolutionary role. The struggle against foreign domination, for national independence and sovereignty, is part of the worldwide movement to end the imperialist system and open the path of world peace and all-round social progress.

Behind the entire terrorist killings world over, lies the hand of imperialists. The imperialists, with the US at the head, setup, finance and arm numerous terrorist gangs and organise terrorist massacres. Then they utilise the terrorist massacres to portray that the main danger to world peace comes from such terrorist groups. This is used as pretext for military intervention, regime change, in various countries. In this way, they have created a permanent state of war in west Asia.

The truth is that US imperialism is not the enemy of terrorism. It is the fountainhead of terrorism. The “war against terrorism” being allegedly waged by the imperialists, is actually a war against the working class and peoples, a war to destroy nations, a war against revolution and socialism.

The entire imperialist propaganda is turning the truth on its head. The victims of imperialist aggression and terror are portrayed as the villains while the real culprits are portrayed as the victims of terrorism.

Terrorism is a tool of imperialism and the reactionary bourgeoisie on the world scale. It is part of the drive towards fascism, the unleashing of naked force to suppress democratic and human rights. The United States is without doubt the epicentre of terrorism in the world.

President Obama represents the most criminal, warmongering and aggressive imperialist power known to humankind, with military bases in 63 countries at this time.

Indian big capitalists think that by allying with the US they can advance their own global ambitions. They are playing with fire. They are gambling with our fate in their pursuit of narrow imperialist aims.

Comrades and friends

The situation in our country is becoming more and more dangerous day by day. This is posing a great challenge to us communists. The situation calls for united action on the part of all communists to expose the truth and awaken the working class and people to the dangers ahead. We must smash the lying propaganda that US imperialism is fighting to defend the world from “Islamic terrorism”, that it is a “civilised power”, and that it can be India’s reliable friend.

The times demand that we communists lead a country wide movement of all the anti imperialist forces against US imperialism and against the strategic alliance of India and the US. We must arouse the people of our country to unite with the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan to throw the US imperialists out of South Asia.

India remains the country with the maximum number of poor and diseased people. The level of violence and terror in everyday life has risen alongside the deepening class divisions. At one pole, the number of dollar billionaires is increasing. At the other pole, the degree of exploitation and robbery of workers and peasants is rising. Be it with Congress Party or with BJP at the head, the big bourgeoisie keeps pushing the program of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. The country is being opened up more and more for joint plunder by Indian and foreign capitalist corporations. Indian big capitalists consider the rapid growth of foreign direct investments as the springboard for expanding their own investments abroad.

Attacks on the living standards and rights of workers and peasants have become part of official policy, in the name of attracting private investors and accelerating GDP growth. State terrorism and attacks on people of this or that religion have become the norm, in the name of fighting terrorism or defending “national unity and territorial integrity” of India.

Our economy is being more and more integrated with the crisis-ridden global imperialist system. Militarisation of the economy is being accelerated in collaboration with the US and other imperialist powers. It is a path that will drag us into one crisis after another. It is a path that will enmesh India in unjust imperialist wars in Asia.

The root cause of the problems and dangers facing the people of our country and on the world scale is that capitalism has become thoroughly rotten, highly parasitic and extremely dangerous to the survival of our planet.

It is crystal clear that capitalism cannot provide for the people. Moreover, it has reached an extremely dangerous stage. Capitalism is at a stage when it cannot grow without wrecking more nations and peoples. It will destroy humankind if it is allowed to carry on.

Indian capitalism is unbearable also because it perpetuates the remnants of caste oppression, bonded labour and all kinds of backward oppressive relations. It is defended by a State that is a continuation of the British Raj, an instrument of national oppression and brutal repression of all dissent.

There can be no solution to the problems we face without a revolution that will establish a new State of worker-peasant rule and open the path to modern socialism. This is what the science of revolution teaches us. The solution lies in resolving the fundamental contradiction between highly socialised production and the private and concentrated ownership of the means of production.

To bring about the transition from capitalism to socialism in our country, it is absolutely essential to get rid of the existing communal and terroristic State, which is an instrument of capitalist-imperialist exploitation and colonial-style plunder. In its place we need to establish and build a new State committed to ensure prosperity and protection for all, based on the principle that the people are the master.

Comrades and friends,

One hundred years ago, the imperialist powers of Europe dragged society into a world war to re-divide colonies and spheres of influence among themselves. The Russian revolution pulled the world out of war in 1917 by overthrowing bourgeois rule and establishing proletarian power in one-sixth of the globe.

For the next three decades, the advance of socialism in the Soviet Union shone brightly as the beacon that encouraged the working class and peoples of all countries to fight for their liberation. The subsequent degeneration, capitalist restoration and ultimate disintegration of the Soviet Union was engineered by the imperialist powers, headed by the US. They used it to unleash an all-sided offensive against communism and against all the rights that working people and oppressed nations had won through many years of struggle.

Today, after about 25 years of experiencing the anti-social and anti-communist offensive, the working class and other exploited people are awakening to the reality that the capitalist-imperialist system is the main problem. There is mounting opposition on the global scale to the so-called free market policies. Lakhs of people are flooding the streets of major cities of the world with increasing frequency.

There are massive protests taking place against the trade agreements being signed by capitalist governments behind the backs of the people. There is mounting anger against privatisation, cutbacks in social services, rising unemployment, worsening conditions of work for those employed, and against “austerity” measures imposed by governments at the call of the big banks.

In our country, the fighting spirit of the working class is on the rise. The determination of workers to fight against the capitalist offensive has compelled all central trade union federations to come together and organise united actions.

Peasants are fighting against their robbery in the capitalist market dominated by monopoly houses. Peasants and tribal communities are fighting against the acquisition of their land to fulfil capitalist greed.

Women are demanding and fighting for security and the rights that belong to them, as women and as human beings.

Progressive forces are uniting against state terrorism. The movement for people’s empowerment is growing stronger, attracting all those who are angry with the existing political system.

The working class has the potential to become the solid backbone of a united front against the existing State and the capitalist reform program. To realise this potential, it is essential for communists to unite and organise the working class to lead the coming mass upheaval in our country.

We communists must shed all traces of sectarianism and unite around one alternative program of the working class for the Navnirman of our society. We must prepare to lead the wave of people’s resistance that is building up, towards the goal of the revolution to create a modern socialist India.

Comrades and friends,

While celebrating the 34th anniversary of our Party, we also remember that it is over 45 years since the founding of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) and exactly 89 years since the Communist Party was first formed in Indian soil. We recall that it is over 101 years since the formation of Hindustan Ghadar Party and 157 years since the Ghadar of 1857.

Inspired by the Ghadar of 1857, revolutionary emigrant peasant-turned workers formed Hindustan Ghadar Party in 1913, committed to make the people of Hindustan her master. It was the first revolutionary political party of Indians. Its primary goal was “To liberate India with the force of arms from British servitude and to establish a free and independent India with equal rights for all”.

That goal is yet to be fulfilled. While colonial rule has ended, the legacy of colonial enslavement continues. We continue to suffer from capitalist exploitation, imperialist plunder, caste-based oppression, violation of national rights and the continuation of a State based on violence and terror against our people.

We are striving to fulfil the goal for which our revolutionary martyrs fought. We are doing so in the conditions of today, when capitalism is running roughshod and the big bourgeoisie is dragging the country on a dangerous imperialist course. 

A major barrier to the advance of the revolutionary class struggle in our country is the divided state of the communist movement. The working class is constantly pulled in different directions.

The disunity of the communist movement is a sign of both immaturity in theory and submission to various forms of bourgeois ideology. The result is that the working class is deprived of a united vanguard, without which it cannot hope to advance against the cunning bourgeoisie.

The main issue facing the communist movement is not to identify who is to blame for mistakes in the past. The main issue is to change the situation. We must work for the restoration of unity of communists in the course of waging uncompromising struggle against the bourgeoisie.

Unity of communists can only be achieved through struggle. We must wage the ideological struggle against the bourgeoisie all the time. We must expose and oppose all lines of thought and action which serve the bourgeoisie to maintain the status quo.

We must discuss questions of revolutionary theory and program of the working class with all those who call themselves communist. We must expose and oppose all forms of conciliation with the idea of a middle road or intermediate stage between capitalism and socialism. We must expose and oppose all forms of conciliation with the notion that the existing State and Constitution must be defended because they can be used in the interests of the working class and people.

Comrades and friends,

Social development cannot go backwards. Human beings cannot go in reverse and become savages and apes. History has to move forward, from capitalism to socialism and communism. We must never forget that history is on our side.

Our elders say that kaliyug will give way to satyug, where there will be sukh and raksha for all. The conclusions of modern communism are consistent with this thought. Prosperity and protection will be guaranteed for all by carrying out the revolution to end the era of class exploitation.

Some people say that revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, or like Tantia Tope and Rani of Jhansi, are not born these days. They are seriously mistaken. All forces, in whichever Communist Party, which are fighting for the cause of revolution are revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Tantia Tope and Rani of Jhansi

We comrades who have committed our lives to Ghadar and the cause of building a modern socialist India are the Bhagat Singhs and Ranis of Jhansi of today. We have to take up the tasks of the revolution to liberate our society, just as those heroes did in their time.

We have come a long way in these 34 years of building a revolutionary party of the working class with steel-like unity and maximum individual initiative to implement the party line. We must persist in strengthening our party so as to take up the challenging tasks of the time.

We have made important advances in building political unity against state terrorism and in defence of people’s rights. A positive climate has been created, in favour of united political actions by communist parties and all the progressive forces. This success gives us the confidence that we can and must play a key role in the effort to restore the unity of communists.

Different parties in the communist movement have built their bases of support in different regions and among different sections of the toiling and oppressed people. Just imagine if we were to combine our forces and act together as one political force. We would literally be everywhere!

With such a force at its head, the Indian working class will be able to lead a successful revolution. It is with such an exciting perspective that we must work to restore the unity of the communist movement, at the head of a politically united and awakened working class.

Comrades, let us prepare to make India an important centre of the proletarian revolution.

Glory to Marxism-Leninism!

Inquilab Zindabad!