23rd March, Martyrdom Day

Proletariat Revolution is the only course to fulfil the dreams of the martyrs

We salute the unparalleled sacrifice of our martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev on 23rd March.

Proletariat Revolution is the only course to fulfil the dreams of the martyrs

We salute the unparalleled sacrifice of our martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev on 23rd March.

Bhagat Singh and his comrades gave the call to liberate Hindostan from the British colonialists and for the establishment of a society free from exploitation of man by man. Their inspiration was drawn from the innumerable martyrs, the brave fighters of the 1857 Ghadar, those who blew the bugle of freedom in 1915 from America, Canada and various countries, and from the soil of India against the British. The savage atrocities like the Jallianwala Bagh massacre against our countrymen by the British rulers steeled the resolve of our martyrs to fight for their cause. They drew inspiration from the deeds of youth like the 19 year old Kartar Singh Sarabha.

The dream of our martyrs for a just and prosperous society, free from exploitation, remains unfulfilled till date. The Indian capitalist class which came to power in the name of independence for India, has been several times more successful in consolidating the system established by the British that is based on the loot, exploitation and oppression of the majority of our people. The economic orientation and state system is decided in the interest of ensuring maximum profits for the biggest capitalists. Whether it be the Congress or BJP government, theyare the representatives of the capitalist class and rule in their interests.

Today, while on the one side, a handful of Indian capitalists are counted among the richest capitalists of the world, on the other side is a population that is the most malnourished, illiterate, jobless, and homeless and deprived of health and other basic services. Whereas our country is endowed with water, forest, land and mineral resources, everyday peasants are driven to committing suicide because of the debts they are trapped in. All the significant means of production like factories, industries and natural resources are owned by the ruling bourgeoisie, which brazenly loots these resources to make itself richer and render the working population bankrupt and marginalised. The biggest Indian and foreign monopolies are enabled to participate in this loot and plunder, and laws and rules are changed to suit their interests.

Elections are held from time to time in this world’s biggest democracy as an expression of “people’s mandate”. The right to vote is claimed to be the biggest evidence of freedom and democracy. However, the people have no right to select the candidate, or to make their representatives accountable or to recall them. People have neither the right to decide on matters of policy nor to propose any legislation. There is no mechanism to ensure that electoral promises are implemented. Given these conditions, this democracy is a fraud, and the capitalist controlled media, parliamentary political parties and every kind of opinion makers of the bourgeoisie carry out deafening propaganda to maintain illusions about it, and ensure its credibility among the youth.

Our youth have always been in the forefront of protests against injustice. Traditionally, our youth have been ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of the security and prosperity of the country, and this is so today too. Even today, there is no dearth of Bhagat Singhs and Kartar Singhs among our youth. This is why the exploiting bourgeois class pays close attention to confuse and dissipate the revolutionary sentiments of our youth and keeping them stuck in this system.

In this system, youth are the source of labour for the capitalists, and from whose exploitation the bourgeoisie augments its profits with each passing day. Youth get pushed into the bourgeoisie’s wars and become cannon fodder, so that the bourgeoisie can realise its imperialist ambitions on their dead bodies. The youth are trapped in criminal activities and addictions so that they are confused about the real problems in society. Youth are used for all kinds of criminal activities, be it election fistfights or State organized communal massacres. And when the youth raise their voices against the various injustices in society, they are declared to be terrorists and terminated or put behind bars. Youth are specially made victims on grounds of religion and nationality.On the one hand, they are fed with false dreams that they can progress within this system, while on the other, they are severely oppressed so that they do not dare to take up the struggle for changing this system.

Our martyrs have clearly explained that as long as a handful of exploiters, Indian and foreign, continue to rule over us, we cannot be free from this exploitation and injustice. This truth should be very clear today to every youth in India. Today, the youth face the challenge of how to end the rule of the exploiters and establish the state of the working class, which is in the majority.

The path of revolution demonstrated by our martyrs is the only path to our liberation. Youth must get organized for the proletarian revolution, along with all the oppressed sections, under the leadership of the working class led by the vanguard communist party. The youth should be guided by Marxism-Leninism- the science of the proletarian revolution.

We have to struggle for society in which the economy will be oriented to fulfil the needs of the entire people and not just to fill the pockets of a few capitalists; where society, under the leadership of the working class, will be the master of the means of production, where political power will be in the hands of the working class, and people will have the power to select their representatives. The challenge before us is to take up the cudgels against the bourgeoisie and its state. This is the challenge before the youth.

Proletarian revolution is the only path to fulfil the aspirations of our youth!

Get organized, become the ruling class and transform society!

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