State-sponsored racist attacks on Indians in America

The news media has reported a spate of racist attacks on people of Indian origin in the USA. At least two people have been killed, and two others seriously injured in such attacks in just the past two weeks.

The American propaganda machine is trying to present these attacks as being the result of some mad individuals. The Indian corporate media is repeating this propaganda. They want to hide the truth that the United States of America has been a racist state from its founding. It openly discriminates against the Afro-American people who originated from Africa, and against immigrants from Asia and Latin America. From the time Indians went to live and work in the US and Canada in the beginning of the 20th century, our people have faced state-sponsored racist discrimination and physical attacks.

Ever since the US state launched the so called “war against terrorism”, racist attacks on people of Indian origin have increased. There have been many attacks on temples, gurudwaras and mosques. The escalation of state-sponsored racism has created great insecurity among the 30,00,000 people of Indian origin living and working in America.

It is a fact that successive Indian governments have never taken a stand in defense of our people living in foreign lands, when they have been victims of state organized racist attacks. This is the case whether it is the question of racist attacks on Indians in the US or Canada, Britain or Australia. Over the past decade and more, even as racist attacks on Indian people has greatly increased in the US, the rulers of our country have been busy strengthening an Indo-US strategic alliance.

It is unacceptable that the Prime Minister and other top officials of the Indian government have not condemned the American state for murderous racist attacks on our people. The taxi drivers of New York and other cities of the US, many of them of Indian origin, have shown the way to respond to the racist and fascist offensive. They have organised militant strikes and protest actions against the government. Through their actions in unity with the rest of the American working class, they are effectively countering the racist divide and rule policy of the American state.

Every Indian must demand that the Indian government publicly condemns the American government for fomenting racist attacks on Indian people.

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