In support of the call for unity of all workers

This is in response to the May Day call of the CC of the CGPI dated 29-4-2017 entitled `Strengthen the united working class opposition!’ carried in the May 1-15, 2017 issue of MEL. This is an excellent piece of theoretical and practical work, the hallmark of the CGPI, and an excellent piece of tactics in the ongoing class struggle towards the goal of socialism and emancipation of the working class and liberation of society from the shackles of vicious capitalist enslavement. I join the CC in congratulating various sectors of the working class in their daily struggles, including the fitting response to the extreme punishment meted out by courts to the Maruti workers.

Indeed, May Day provides us one occasion to sum up the experience of the previous year, and assess the road that lies ahead. This year, the working class is getting ready to face the fascist onslaught that is being planned by Governments across the world, as they cobble together a platform of racism and xenophobia to divide the working class. In India and world over, the working class response to the attacks of the previous years grew as evidenced by various struggles. While there is a growth in the enthusiasm for united action, there is a corresponding growth in the divisive activities of the capitalists, who deploy the multi-party democracy as well as other diversions.

The main issue to be tackled is that no party of the bourgeoisie is in favour of the working class. The working class must have its own agenda. While there may be a dog fight in the capitalist classes for executive power, there is no dog fight to lead the working class out of its slavery. With its control over media and propaganda, the capitalist class sets the agenda from time to time about who should be in power, who should be thrown out and who should be brought in. While this or that force is discredited, an equally shallow alternative is brought in and the cycle continues. This is all facilitated by the existing parliamentary system in the country and the Constitution of the bourgeoisie. Clearly, therefore, the working class must replace this system by one that will rule in its own favour, must put in a constitutional framework where the rights of the workers and toilers are placed ahead of any exploiter. Many milestones must be placed in such a framework, including the right to select the representative, the right to recall to name some examples. Indeed, at this time, the focus has been brought to the issue of the defence of the rights of all workers. If the rights of one are violated, this is tantamount to the violation of the rights of all. Thus, the struggle to strengthen rights has a new beginning now. Let us keep this in mind on this May Day of 2017. Let us call for the unity of all workers.


A. Narayan

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