Friendship between the India and Pakistan


I read with alarm the Statement entitled ‘Condemn the diabolical act of beheading Indian soldiers! Beware of US imperialist plots to aggravate tension between India and Pakistan’ which is dated 9-5-2017 and carried in May 16-31, 2017 issue of MEL. These events and the sabre rattling by India comes at a time of deep intrigue by the US in the region, as the Trump Presidency begins to entrench itself and starts a next round of mischief in the region. It must be noted at the outset that the friendship between the neighbours India and Pakistan and friendship between the peoples of the two countries is desirable to both countries and its peoples. These are fraternal peoples who have brought civilization and culture to this region of the world, which is home to probably 15% of the entire human race. Any war between the two nuclear powers is nothing short of a catastrophe for the two countries and its peoples, and also for all of humankind.

It is therefore important that any deviation from the path of peace and understanding is detrimental to all except one force. And that force is US imperialism, which strives to extend its reach and domination of the entire planet, which today is ruled by an arch-reactionary capitalist, whose cabinet is packed with billionaires and oil moguls and the like. For these, the one obstacle that is remaining in the conquest of the world is the domination of the Asian landmass, and among its other objectives are the containment and annihilation of China which is its ascendant rival, and also to box in its traditional rival, which is Russia. US imperialism would benefit from any activities detrimental to peace, and its carries out its activities also by supporting all kinds of splinter groups, mischief-makers, agent provocateurs, and saboteurs in all parts of the world. The present event is associated with the maiming of the bodies of two Indian soldiers and a barbaric beheading of these soldiers either when they were alive, or mutilation of the corpses.

Either way, the savagery is immense and there is natural revulsion to these acts. That said, there is nothing to definitely prove that the Pakistan Government of its Armed Forces which are directly responsible for this. It would be fair to ask for a full-fledged inquiry into the event and accept the report of the inquiry rather than to jump to conclusions. To start beating war drums at this point is to fall into the trap set by US imperialism, and all steps must be taken to avert this. Coming in the heels of these events is the cancellation of several people to people initiatives, and also the cancellation of visas to Paksitani citizens in need of health facilities in india. Such drastic measures will set all peace initiatives back and I hope that there will be an easing of the situation, and I support the call of the statement that India must act in a responsible and principled manner, in the interest of peace.


A. Narayan, Bangalore

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