Oppose the anti-national, war mongering Indo-US military strategic alliance!

Call of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 4 July 2017

The joint statement of the governments of India and the US at the conclusion of the visit of Prime Minister Modi to the US reveal the further strengthening of a dangerous military strategic alliance. The Modi government is showing that it is willing to throw all caution to the winds and embrace the biggest, most rapacious, warmongering imperialist power in the world, the sworn enemy of freedom and sovereignty of all countries and peoples, and of peace on the planet.

Call of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 4 July 2017

The joint statement of the governments of India and the US at the conclusion of the visit of Prime Minister Modi to the US reveal the further strengthening of a dangerous military strategic alliance. The Modi government is showing that it is willing to throw all caution to the winds and embrace the biggest, most rapacious, warmongering imperialist power in the world, the sworn enemy of freedom and sovereignty of all countries and peoples, and of peace on the planet.

US state – guilty of crimes against peoples across the world

The US State has committed numerous acts of terror against peoples of the world. They are so numerous that they cannot all be enumerated. This State has the blood of tens of thousands of people in countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, on its hands. It has orchestrated “regime changes” under various pretexts, blatantly violated the sovereignty of countries, instigated civil wars which have caused millions of deaths and organised destruction of whole countries.

With the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 August and 9 August 1945, it declared to the world its intention of taking on the mantle of Hitlerite fascism. Tens of thousands of innocent Japanese civilians were killed or maimed for life,

In the 1950s-60s, the US state, through its espionage agencies like CIA, organized coups against duly elected governments, in Ghana, Indonesia, Chile and Iran. In many countries it has plotted and executed assassinations of elected leaders on the grounds that they are either communists or communist sympathizers and brought in tyrants and fascists to crush the struggles of the people in Congo, Chile, Haiti, Iran and Indonesia.

The US launched a brutal war against Korea and massacred millions of Korean people in the early 50s. The US state was responsible for the division of that country. At this time too, by stationing missiles in South Korea and through its naval presence off the peninsula, it is continuing to ensure that there is no reunification of North and South Korea. In the ‘60’s the US army marched into Vietnam to “save the country from communism” and killed millions of Vietnamese, carpet bombed the country with a deadly chemical (Agent Orange) and unleashed a brutal offensive against the people that lasted for many years till the heroic Vietnamese people forced the US army finally to pull out in 1975.

Right through these decades, the US State carried on with its propaganda against Cuba, in an attempt to isolate it and plotted several assassination attempts on its former President, Fidel Castro.

It has instigated civil war in Yugoslavia, leading to bloody civil war and massive destruction of lives and the land, there through arming various groups.

The US State has aggressed on and destroyed whole countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, where it has armed and organised terrorist gangs to advance its own imperialist aims. Later it has used the pretext of “war against terrorism” to bomb these countries to destruction. It has perfected the Nazi technique of repeating lies on a daily basis. It has used lying propaganda like “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, and “Islamic fundamentalism” in Iran to destroy any challenge to its hegemonic aims.

The countless crimes committed against people by the US State has been cloaked under the fraudulent claim of “saving democracy”, “war against terrorism”, “freeing people of their tyrant rulers”, and so on, while it has supported the most notorious dictators and murderers of people. Today, it is the source of terrorism globally and poses the greatest danger to democratic and human rights and to world peace.

The US strategy is to embroil the countries and peoples of Asia in fratricidal wars against each other. In this way, it is trying to establish its unrivalled domination over Asia. Towards this end, it is enticing India into its embrace by holding out the prospect of sharing in the loot and plunder of other countries. It is deliberately egging on the Indian ruling class to wage war against China, Pakistan and other countries of Asia.

Intoxicated by the thought of expanding its markets and spheres of influence in collaboration with the US, the Indian ruling class is rushing headlong on a disastrous course. The course it is pursuing is endangering the sovereignty of our country. It is threatening to embroil the people of India in devastating wars. An extremely dangerous situation is being created for our people and all the peoples of Asia.

The joint statement declares that India and the US will work together according to a common strategy in what they call the Indo-Pacific region. This means the whole of Asia as well as the countries of the East Coast of Africa.

The US wants India to actively participate in encircling China. It is offering to sell to India sophisticated arms to take on China. In addition, the biggest US companies in the war industry have agreed to set up production facilities for sophisticated weapons production in India in collaboration with the biggest Indian monopolies, on condition that the Indian state guarantees the purchase of these weapons. The biggest monopolies controlling the Indian state are enamoured at this prospect. They are rushing to set up such companies in collaboration with top US producers of weapons systems, fighter jets, etc.

A tense situation is building up on the border of India and China, between the two armies. This is in addition to the war like situation on the Indo Pakistan border. The Army Chief is boasting about Indian Army’s capability of simultaneously waging wars on two and half fronts. By this, he means simultaneous wars against China and Pakistan as well as war against “internal disturbances”, that is against the Indian people. This reveals the dangerous thinking of the ruling class. The ruling class is preparing to increasingly use the armed forces to suppress the struggle of the people of our country for their rights.

The Indo US joint statement speaks about India’s “Look West” policy. It declares that the two countries will coordinate their strategies in West Asia along with other “partners” there. The key “partners” of US imperialism in West Asia are Israel and Saudi Arabia. The US is trying to redraw the map of West Asia and North Africa through aggressive wars and by inciting civil wars, as it did in Libya and is doing in Syria. The US has openly called upon its “partners” to come together in a military alliance to carry out regime change in Iran.

The joint statement also speaks of India and US collaborating over Afghanistan. The US and other imperialist powers have committed the most bestial crimes against the Afghan people. The strategy of US imperialism is to spread anarchy and chaos in Afghanistan and keep it under its occupation. It is to use Afghanistan as a base to attack and destabilize other countries and as testing ground for weapons of mass destruction.

Day in and day out, the US is threatening to drop nuclear bombs on North Korea, invade that country and carry out regime change. North Korea has never carried out any hostile act against any other country. US imperialism is responsible for keeping the Korean peninsula on the brink of a brutal war, by carrying out provocative military exercises in the Korean Peninsula targeted at North Korea. The joint statement indicates that the Modi government supports the US in its war plans against North Korea.

Government spokesmen claim that India has “won a great victory” because the joint statement publicly calls upon Pakistan to stop its territory from being used for launching terrorist activities against other countries. The US is the biggest terrorist state on earth. The CIA has organised numerous terrorist groups in India, Pakistan and other countries of the world, to implement the agenda of US imperialism. Does the Indian state seriously believe that US imperialism will stop using terrorist groups to advance its strategic interests? It is clear that the Indian state has no intention of actually putting an end to terrorism. It is using the “war against terrorism” as a cover to advance its own strategic interests, in just the same way as the US has been doing all along. It is actively participating in the US plan to keep India and Pakistan perpetually at logger heads, ready to go to war with each other at any moment.

The strengthening of the military strategic relationship between India and US is no cause for joy. On the contrary, it is extremely dangerous for the sovereignty of our people. We must not forget that Pakistan has had a strategic alliance with the US for several decades. The US imperialists utilized Pakistan to advance their own imperialist interests in the region. The intelligence agencies of the US have penetrated deeply into the Pakistani state. Terrorist groups organised by the CIA are spreading anarchy and mayhem in Pakistan. The US launches drone attacks on Pakistan with impunity. The sovereignty of Pakistan has been greatly imperiled. The people of Pakistan are paying a heavy price for its strategic alliance with the US.

The strengthening of the military strategic alliance between US and India is totally against the interests of the Indian people and other peoples of Asia. The Government of India is acting in the interests of a narrow stratum headed by the capitalist monopoly houses, who seek to gain from militarization and war. These monopoly houses are pushing to build a military industrial complex in India with the assistance of the US. It is a course that threatens the sovereignty of our country. Driven by greed for maximum profits, these monopoly houses want to use the Indian army as cannon fodder for reactionary wars against other countries and peoples. The patriotic and peace loving people of India must foil these dangerous plans of the Indian ruling class. The people of India must raise their voice against any move of the Indian government to politically and militarily support the US in destroying the countries and peoples of West Asia. They must vigorously oppose any move to send Indian Armed Forces into Afghanistan. They must demand that the Indian government refuse to join hands with the US against North Korea.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the open and secret agreements reached between the Indian Prime Minister and the US President. The Indo US military strategic alliance is directed against the freedom and sovereignty of all countries and peoples of Asia including the people of India! The patriotic and peace loving people of India must not allow the US to succeed in its plan to make Asians slaughter Asians in order to establish US domination over all our countries. The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls upon the people of our country to unite and fight for the abrogation of the military strategic alliance of India with the US.

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