Condemn US imperialist crimes against North Korea

On 20th November, President Trump officially declared North Korea as a ‘state which sponsors terrorism’. North Korea will join the list of countries that the State Department identifies as those that have “repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism.” The list already includes Sudan, Syria and Iran.

On 20th November, President Trump officially declared North Korea as a ‘state which sponsors terrorism’. North Korea will join the list of countries that the State Department identifies as those that have “repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism.” The list already includes Sudan, Syria and Iran.

This a completely baseless allegation and a continuation of the lying propaganda that the US imperialist State uses to label any country that dares to oppose its hegemony as “sponsor of terrorism”.

North Korea was put on Washington’s list of state sponsors of terrorism in 1988, on the allegation that its agents had planted a bomb on a South Korean passenger airline. However, the allegation – based merely on the words of the “agent” who was caught alive – could never be proved. It was nothing more than a part of the US state’s false propaganda campaign against North Korea.

North Korea was removed from the terror list in 2008, as part of a deal that the then outgoing Bush regime wanted to execute, to persuade North Korea to halt its nuclear program. The US and other big imperialist powers in the UNSC want to monopolise the right to develop nuclear weapons while denying other countries that right. According to the existing international conventions, any sovereign country should have the right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. But this right is arbitrarily applied by the imperialists to favour some countries and discriminate against others.

Following the relisting of N.Korea as a sponsor of terrorism, an official in the then Bush administration has clearly exposed how declaring a country as a “terrorist state” is nothing but a part of the arm-twisitng tactics of the US state to browbeat that country into toeing the US line in world affairs. He says, “What I always told everyone in 2008 was that if the North doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, we can put them back on the terrorism list.”

The US state calling North Korea a danger to peace is a travesty of truth. It is the US today which is guilty of aggression against several sovereign states. Today, the Korean peninsula is among the most militarized regions in the world, due to the massive deployment of US troops in S.Korea.

The US has deployed nuclear weapons in South Korea, and carries out annual military exercises with South Korea and Japan over land, sea and air, threatening North Korea with annihilation. According to recent estimates, the US has over 7,200 nuclear weapons. It can destroy the world many times over with its nuclear and conventional weapons.

While preparing for and threatening aggression, the US imperialists are using their control over the global media to turn truth on its head and portray the victim as the aggressor. Day after day, lies are repeatedly churned out by the US imperialists and the global media to convince the American people that North Korea is a source of terror,just as they did to justify their aggression on Iraq, and continue to do with Iran, Libya and other countries. .

Letter of Ambassador of North Korea to
UN Secretary General

In the third letter sent to the UN since November 20, three letters in 23 days attempting to alert the United Nations to the crisis situation in Northeast Asia jeopardizing International Peace and Security, Ambassador Ja Song Nam stated:

“I write to you with respect to the worst ever situation prevailing in and around the Korean peninsula, which is making it impossible to predict when nuclear war breaks out due to the US nuclear war equipment of unprecedentedly large scale being massively deployed taking up a strike posture. The United States, based on the deployment of three nuclear powered aircraft carrier strike groups in the sub-region, is holding another joint military exercise with south Korea, involving different types of destroyers and submarines, beginning from November 11, 2017. The U.S. is reactivating….. nuclear capable strategic bomber B-52….and is maintaining a surprise strike posture with frequent flight of B-1B and B-2 formations to the air space of south Korea….The US flung the words of “total destruction”of a sovereign state at the UN General Assembly, the world largest official forum of diplomacy and is now running amok for war exercises by introducing nuclear war equipment in and around the Korean peninsula, thereby proving that the US itself is the major offender of the escalation of tension and undermining of the peace…..Despite this fact, the UN Security Council, whose mission is to ensure the world peace and security, keeps turning a blind eye to the nuclear war exercises of the United States who is hell bent on bringing a catastrophic disaster to humanity, thereby giving rise to a serious concern on the double standard of the UN Security Council.”

Despite repeated appeals by the govermnent of the DPRK to the United Nations in the last two months alone, pointing to the military escalation by the US in the Korean peninsula, that could precipitate a nuclear war at any moment, these appeals have been ignored. A recent letter by the North Korean ambassador to the UN Secretary General reveals the full scope and breadth of the US-South Korean preparation for imminent attack and obliteration of North Korea. It clearly brings out how the victim is being made out to be the aggressor.(See Box )

The people of South Korea have unequivocally condemned the war mongering of US imperialism. Trump’s visit to South Korea, as part of his 11-day Asian tour, was opposed by more than 200 organizations which demanded peace on the Korean peninsula. On November 4, the groups held a “No Trump, No War People’s Rally” at the U.S. embassy in Seoul to launch their protests. In their joint press conference the organizers pointed out: “Who can possibly welcome a foreign leader who talks about the possibility of a war on their land? We should take the path of peace, not war. We cannot help but protect peace on our land and our livelihood for ourselves.”

CGPI condemns this latest attack of the US imperialist state on North Korea and its lying propaganda against the DPRK. The US imperialist state is the biggest terrorist and the biggest sponsor of terrorism around the world, the biggest threat to peace and security in the world. It must be resolutely opposed.

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