Workers have contributed their mite to Kerala flood victims

Workers across India have also shown their camaraderie with Kerala’s workers, by providing aid in human, material and monetary form. Even as the governments fight over the allocation of aid, the workers have emptied out their buckets and savings to raise money for the people of Kerala.

The United Nurses Association deployed union members to key affected regions to assess the situation while also help in the relief and rehabilitation efforts.

While many workers in Tamil Nadu offered a day’s salary towards relief funds, others collected materials and shipped them to Kerala’s relief camps. Even trainees have organised collection drives near their factories to contribute to the flood victims.

Workers in BHEL Trichy contributed nearly Rs.1 lakh

Pricol workers who are themselves under repression by the management through partial lock out mobilized funds for Kerala Flood victims. In the same place seventy workers from KMPTOS and AICCTU activists gathered and mobilized Rs 35000 for kerala.

Hyundai Trainees raised about Rs 10212/- as donation for Kerala flood victims from the Sriperumbudur Toll gate area.

Renault Nissan India Workers sent a car load of essentials including Sanitary napkins, toiletries, and biscuits to a relief camp in Mala, Thrissur. They were also collecting materials from workers at the factory gate.

Several unions in factories like Ashok Leyland Employees Union and Hyundai and service sectors have asked that a portion of their wage be deducted and sent toward relief and rehabilitation efforts in Kerala.

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