From our Readers: In support of the agitating peasants


The Editor,

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar

I am writing in reference   to the  article   “Successful Dilli Chalo Campaign- lakhs of peasants enter Delhi “ , which appeared on 29/11/2020.

As the article says, 27th of November 2020 is a victory day for the peasants and it is also a victory day for the people of our country.

The resolve of the peasants was so militant that the barbed wire barricades, steel blockades, trucks, bull dozers, shipping containers, digging of  trenches, water cannons, tear gas and even the brutal police lathi charge at Punjab- Haryana and Delhi- Haryana border could not stop the peasants.

Also as the article rightly says the peasants of various states have united cutting across religious and political party divisions despite the many attempts by the bourgeois parties to divide them. From the time the anti peasant legislation was introduced in the month of July,2020, the peasants have opposed it as it would affect their livelihood and land.

The spokespersons of the Government keep repeating that the peasants have been misled and that the legislation is to their benefit. However the peasants of our country are well aware of what is in their benefit and what is not. They know that the replacement of middlemen by the big monopoly corporations is going to pauperise the peasantry. They are also not fooled by the lying propaganda and the false promises made regarding the MSP, nor about the so called benefits of contract farming.

As the article says this, this struggle shows the resolute unity of 500 peasant organisations with one aim- to convince this bourgeois government to revoke the anti peasant laws. It is this militant resolve of the peasant organisations that has forced the Central Government to allow them to enter the National Capital.

The struggle of our peasants is the struggle of the people of our country against the unjust bourgeois system of democracy. The strong unity of our peasant struggles shows us that even if the elected governments try to divide us , the people of our country will rise above the caste, religious, state and party differences to bring the Navnirman of our country.


Suman , Mumbai

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