World-wide support for peasant agitation in India

News reports are pouring in about people from Canada to Australia coming out in streets to express support for the agitation of peasants in India. Peasants from Punjab, haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and other states are protesting against the passing of anti-farmer legislation by the Indian government. Peasants are demanding the repeal of the three recently enacted laws which trample on this right so as to enable Indian and foreign capitalist companies to establish their domination over agricultural markets. They are demanding their right to guaranteed procurement of their crops at Minimum Support Prices (MSPs). They are demanding the withdrawal of the Electricity Amendment Bill which threatens to further increase their cost of production.

We are giving below some pictures of these protest actions in different parts of the world.

New York City, USA Vancouver, Canada
New York City, Upper East side New York City, USA
Totonto, Canada Surrey, Canada
 Vancouver, Canada  Geelong, New Zealand
London, UK Melbourne, Australia

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