Actions around the world in support of the Indian peasants

Massive rallies in front of India’s missions abroad are taking place in support of farmers. Millions of people have signed petitions. Non-resident Indians (NRIs), especially Punjabis abroad, are playing an important role. For example, young second and third generation Punjabis abroad are explaining to their relatives the experience of farmers in the U.S. and Canada where big corporate agribusinesses stole the lands of Indigenous peoples and farmers. Young lawyers from the U.S., Canada and Britain have looked at the laws and are giving the farmers in Punjab legal advice. They have also raised a lot of money to help the farmers who are in serious difficulty. On December 10, International Human Rights Day, they held car rallies in front of Indian missions, to protest against human rights violations.

In Australia, the Stop Adani Movement has announced its solidarity with Indian peasants. “The Stop Adani movement will continue to push government decision-makers to act for the public good, and support those campaigning against pro-corporate laws in India.”

Demonstration in support of farmers agitation in India
Birmingham, UK

Toronto, Canada

London, UK

Montreal, Canada

New Zealand

Saskaton, Canada

Birmingham, UK

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