From our Readers: Mazdoor-Kisan Ekta Zindabad!

The Call of Mazdoor Ekta Committee has highlighted the need for the working class to join the peasant struggle that has inspired people all over the world. The call has debunked all the lies which are so shamelessly spread.

It talks about how corporate media channels (godi media) have tried all their tricks by portraying the protesting peasants as “anti-nationals”, “khalistanis”, etc.

They are also trying to isolate the peasants by making it seem like the laws only affect them. When in reality they will have grave consequences for the food security and livelihood of all our people.

The peasants know, based on their years of experience, that these laws will greatly intensify their exploitation and loot by the biggest Indian and foreign monopoly corporate houses and lead to their devastation, but they are portrayed as being misguided!

The article has given a well-rounded picture of the present situation by highlighting the plight of workers as well. In the face of stiff opposition of workers, the central government has replaced 44 labour laws with 4 labour codes. The Code on Wages, The Code on Social Security, The Code on Occupational Safety and The Code on Industrial Relations are all so blatantly anti–worker by nature.

The government is surreptitiously trying to sell off all our priceless assets like railways, coal mines, oil companies, defence ordinance factories, airports, port and docks, BSNL, banks, insurance companies. But the workers are beautifully uniting in opposition.

The article has also made us realise that this isn’t a just a problem of the present government but of every government of the capitalists over the past three decades. They have all worked in favour of the program of globalization through liberalization and privatization.

The events following the 2020 lockdown showed the barbaric face of this capitalist rule.  Crores of people were forced to walk for thousands of miles, back to their villages after being mercilessly thrown out of their jobs.

The overwhelming majority of the population is protesting against the decisions taken in Parliament but we are being ignored. This is clearly exposing the existing parliamentary system as a democracy only in name. The rule of capitalists, headed by the Tatas, Ambanis and other monopoly houses is revealing itself. The purpose of the government in ensuring their rule is also getting exposed.

People from different corners of the country are joining the protest daily. The joint platform of the peasants’ organisations has boldly announced plans to step up the agitation, with a massive “tractor march” into the capital on Republic Day.

We must end the dictatorship of the capitalist class that feeds on people like a parasite.

CGPI has reminded us that we who produce the wealth of India must become her master.

Let us join hands to unite and mobilise widely in protest demonstrations and actions all over the country!

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