From our Readers: The dharm-yudh is a struggle for the Navnirman of India

I am responding to the CC Statement  “This is a dharm-yudh of workers and peasants against the adharmi state “ which appeared in MEL on 13/01/2021.

This statement explains the deepening of the conflict between the capitalist class and the workers and peasants.

It also explains how as the struggle between the two classes intensifies, the best in human nature is seen in the workers and peasants and toiling masses and the worst in human nature is seen in the ruling capitalist class and its government.

The “langar” culture of the Punjabi people has inspired people from India and abroad to donate and also to unite irrespective of language, caste and religion.

This struggle is spreading across the country as more and more people are becoming aware of these exploitative laws. And the anger and resolve of the agitating peasants and workers is being steeled despite the daily martyrdom of the peasants.

As explained in the statement, the capitalist class has a history of treachery. In 1947, when the British left India, power was transferred to the capitalist class. They set up a parliamentary system of government where people are kept away from political power and also from the decision making process.

In the Westminster model of democracy that was imposed on India, people have the right to vote every 5 years. The party that forms the government is not accountable to the people but to the capitalist class, for whom the parties work. So since Independence, whichever party that has come to power has framed laws to benefit the capitalist class.

The peasant agitation for repeal of the 3 farm laws and for a law on MSP is a historic struggle.  As the article rightly says, we the workers and peasants have to bring in a modern system of democracy where political power is in the hands of the majority of toiling people. Such a system of democracy will frame laws forbidding exploitation and plunder of the human and natural resources of our country.

The peasants are following the path of patriots like Bhagat Singh whose message was that as long as exploitation of the labour and resources by native or foreign exploiters continues, our struggle continues.

This dharm-yudh of the peasants and workers  is a struggle for the Navnirman of India.

Suman, Mumbai

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