Parliamentary Democracy and State Terrorism

The budget session opened in the midst of widespread state terrorism and disinformation about the kisan andolan. The debate in parliament is only meant to deceive the people. Ruling and opposition camps are both committed to the program of enriching the monopoly capitalists.

Following the events of 26th January, state terror has been unleashed against the Kisan Andolan, alongside a large-scale disinformation campaign to discredit it.

Barricades have been erected at the Delhi borders to cut off contact between those camping at the protest site and the people who come to support them. Protest sites have been deprived of electricity and water supply. Internet connectivity has been cut day after day, at the border sites as well as numerous districts of UP and Haryana.

A false narrative is being widely spread through TV and social media that the anarchy and violence on Republic Day was organised by anti-national elements with foreign support, allegedly to defame India in the eyes of the world. More than hundred people have been arrested by the Delhi police for allegedly inciting the violence. Tens of thousands of kisans have been served notices requiring them to sign bonds of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,00,000, committing to maintain peace. Twitter accounts of many critics of the government have been blocked. Show cause notices have been issued to several journalists who did not follow the official script while reporting on the events of 26th January. They have been asked to explain why they should not be arrested.

Barbed wire fences, deep trenches and iron rods driven into the soil around the protest sites at Delhi’s borders present a stark picture of how this so-called most populous democracy of the world treats peasants who are demanding their rights.

The escalation of state terrorism and the disinformation campaign together confirm that the anarchy and violence on 26th January was a conspiracy by the BJP-led Central Government. It was a typical false flag operation, where state agencies organise an incident and blame it on people who are fighting for their rights. The aim of the operation was to discredit the kisan andolan and create a pretext for unleashing state terror to suppress this and all other mass protests.

The budget session of Parliament opened in the midst of the widespread state terrorism and disinformation campaign. The Union Budget for 2021-22, presented on 1st February, has added further fuel to the anger of workers and peasants. Political parties and unions of workers and peasants have exposed and rejected the false claims made in the budget speech about the Central Government’s alleged concern for their welfare. At the other pole, the Tatas, Ambanis, Birlas, Adanis and other monopoly houses have applauded the Budget and the stock market is booming.

The monopoly capitalists and the Central Government which is committed to serve them have tried one dirty trick after another to split the kisan unions. However, the kisans and their unions remain united around their immediate demands and are determined to continue their struggle until they are met. Their immediate demands are: (i) repeal of all three farm laws enacted in September 2020; (ii) legal guarantee for minimum support prices for all agricultural products, of at least 50% more than the total cost of production including family labour and imputed rent; (iii) immediate end to denial of water, electricity and internet; and (iv) release of all participants in the kisan andolan who have been arrested since 26th January.

In spite of the efforts of the rulers, the kisan andolan is growing in strength. More and more people within the country and abroad are expressing their wholehearted support to the immediate demands. Resolutions have been passed in numerous villages to send one member of every family to the Delhi border.

The Agriculture Minister declares that kisans have been misled by the opposition parties. He says the opposition parties in Parliament are not able to explain what is wrong with the three farm laws.

The kisan unions have explained very clearly right from the start what is wrong with these laws. They are designed to benefit monopoly capitalist corporations. They will pave the way for the complete domination and plunder of agricultural production and trade in our country by monopoly capitalist corporations, Indian and foreign.

Kisans in all parts of the country have started understanding that monopoly capitalist domination of agriculture will lead to their ruin. This is not an unreasonable fear but an assessment based on facts. Experience of people within our county and on the world scale has provided ample evidence that capitalism, at its present monopolistic stage, results in large scale ruination of peasants and other small scale producers.

Replying to the debate on the farm laws in Parliament, Prime Minister Modi has pointed out that his government is implementing the agricultural marketing reforms that the Manmohan Singh government had initiated, towards creating one single market for monopolies to dominate. He has thereby exposed the fact that the debate in parliament is only meant to deceive the people. The ruling and opposition camps are in reality both committed to the program of enriching the capitalist monopoly houses.

Facts and phenomena reveal that the existing system of parliamentary democracy is the dictatorship of an exploiting super-rich minority over the vast majority of people. Sovereignty is not vested in the people. It is vested in an unrepresentative Parliament, within which decision-making power is concentrated in the hands of the executive, the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister. The President is duty bound to approve what the Cabinet decides.

Parliament is a talk-shop, while the real business of governing the country is carried out behind the scenes. A small clique consults with the monopoly houses and decides on the laws to be enacted and the policies to be adopted. They are implemented by the party in charge, through various ministries and their respective bureaucratic machinery. Those who oppose the measures of the State are treated as a law and order problem and dealt with by the security forces. The judiciary upholds and defends a Rule of Law which defends the system of exploitation and oppression.

The entire state machinery and the political process dominated by capitalist-financed parties are based on old English bourgeois theory, a legacy of British colonial rule.

Workers, peasants and other toiling and oppressed people have no place in the decision-making process. We have no say whatsoever in deciding the laws of the land. Laws are made to suit the interests of an exploiting minority, headed by the Tatas, Ambanis, Birlas, Adanis and other monopoly houses. Far from protecting our rights, laws are made to protect and advance the interests of these super rich monopoly capitalists.

If we demand our rights, we are branded as anti-national and threatened with arrest and indefinite imprisonment. We are treated as enemies of India, by those who are busy selling national assets to private profiteers, including foreign multinational companies.

The capitalist class consists of members who are constantly engaged in competition with one another. By its very nature, the capitalist class is split into rival factions. It is represented by different political parties which are engaged in cut-throat rivalry.

A political system in which rival parties backed by big money power compete for control over the state machinery suits the interests of the capitalist class. It is a mechanism for dividing and diverting the working class and other oppressed people, for lining them up behind rival factions of the exploiting class. It is also a mechanism for dealing with contradictions within the capitalist class.

A false appearance is created that by casting their vote, the people as a whole are electing the government of their choice. The reality is that the ruling class uses elections to decide on the political management team that is best suited to implement the monopoly capitalist agenda while deceiving the people that their needs are being addressed.

Every party of the bourgeois class has its own army of ideologues, those who present theoretical justifications for the words and deeds of the party. There are also other intellectuals and so-called experts who are not affiliated to any party but are loyal to the bourgeoisie. They speak and write in the interest of preserving the hybrid capitalist system of exploitation and multi-layered oppression.

The entire state machinery, political process and propaganda network serve to maintain the rule of a few lakhs of exploiters, headed by less than 150 monopoly houses. They impose their will over more than 130 crore toiling people of our country. They do so through the ballot and the bullet.

The ballot serves to divide and divert the people, to prevent them from uniting against their common class enemy. The bullet serves to crush those who rise above all divisions and wage united struggles against the exploiters and their rule.

The only way forward for workers and peasants is to wage their struggle with the aim of putting an end to capitalist rule and establishing workers’ and peasants’ rule in its place. We need a new modern system of democracy, with sovereignty vested in the people, not just in words but in actual fact.

We who create the wealth of India with our hard labour must become the ruler of the country. We must become the collective decision-maker and decider of India’s fate. We must develop an economic system and State that guarantee prosperity and protection for all.

At the present time, the stability of the capitalist dictatorship has been shaken by the growing unity of workers and peasants in struggle. The ruling class is responding with diabolical plots to split the ranks of the mass movement and justify unleashing state terrorism.

The situation calls for utmost vigilance on the part of the kisan andolan and its leadership.

It is the sincere opinion of the Communist Ghadar Party of India that it is harmful for any leader of the kisan andolan to blame this or that section of the movement for the anarchy and violence that took place on 26thJanuary. We must not succumb to the pressure to brand particular individuals or groups as traitors. That does not serve to strengthen our unity. It will weaken our unity, which is what the rulers want. We must stick to the stand that it is the Central Government which has to answer as to why anarchy and violence took place on Republic Day.

Steadfast defence and further strengthening of the fighting unity of workers and peasants against the monopoly capitalists and their government is the need of the hour.


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