From our Readers: Workers and peasants must become a united political force

This is in response to the statement of CC of the CGPI on the occasion of May Day. The statement represents the condition of the working class today in our country and condemns the ruling capitalist class and its government. This statement clearly shows that even after 73 years of independence, the workers and peasants still struggle for roti, kapda and makaan.

This pandemic has proved how inefficient our current system is for the working class and toiling majority of our country. Today thousands of people are dying because this system fails to provide them with basic health care. This system from time to time has proved that it only works for the ruling capitalist class. When majority of us are facing unemployment, struggling for two square meals a day, dying every day because of this virus, the capitalist class of this country is maximising its profits at our cost.

Workers and peasants are living in miserable and inhumane conditions. The governments only pretend to care for us while carrying out the work of the ruling class. It is only people who have helped and cared for each other during this pandemic like many other calamities. The state has always failed to ensure the Sukh and Raksha of majority of the people.

Right from the times of the British period the capitalist class of our country was only interested in taking the power into its own hands. On the other hand, the working class fought with the aim of establishing worker-peasant rule and building an India free from exploitation and oppression.  “Gore sahib ke jageh bhure sahib raj karenge” these were Bhagat Singh’s words and this is exactly what happened in 1947. The ruling class of this country is using same techniques that Britishers used to keep workers divided on various fronts and keep looting and exploiting them. Privatisation of public sector units such as education, health care, electricity, railways, coal, and banking is the proof of that.

It doesn’t matter which political party is in the power as none of them care or work for the welfare of the working class. They fulfil the agenda of the capitalist class run by the handful of monopoly houses. All the machinery of this state, be it judicial system, police, army etc are used against the working class to crush down our protests against this unjust system. We as a working class need to understand that replacing one party with another to form a government will not change things for us as the political power still resides with the capitalist class. Unless we challenge this system itself and take that political power in our hands, our protests will not be a threat to the capitalist class.

India belongs to its working class and toiling majority and not to some handful of monopoly houses. We should be the ones to rule it. We must wage the struggle with the aim of taking over the ownership and control of the means of large-scale production — the factories, mines, banks, railways, etc. — from the hands of the capitalist class and placing them under social ownership and control.

We can do this provided we, the working class and toiling majority, become a united political force and overthrow the present system. We need a system which will ensure good lives for all its citizens.



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