Fire kills workers in sanitizer factory in Pune

The SVS Aqua Technologies Sanitizer Company located in Pirangut MIDC of Pune in Maharashtra was gutted by a blazing fire on 7th June, killing 18 workers. It is reported that 5 workers are still missing. 15 of the victims are women workers. 37 workers were inside the plant when the fire broke out.

पुणे में सेनेटाईज़र बनाने वाली फैक्टरी में आग
Fire in Sanitizer factory in Pune, Maharashtra

According to the officials of the fire department, the workers were found clinging to each other trying to save themselves from the inferno. Consequently, the charred bodies were found in groups. The fire brigade had to break down the walls on either side of the plant in an attempt to reach the workers trapped in the fire. This reveals that there was no fire exit in the plant. There were no fire extinguishers in the factory.

Workers are forced to work in such inhuman conditions in order to earn a livelihood to provide for themselves and their families. Conditions of work of women workers are even worse.

These kinds of tragedies occur repeatedly in the industrial areas of various states in the country. There are several examples of such incidents. Fire broke out in a factory in Sahibabad in Uttar Pradesh in March 2021 killing many workers; fire broke out in a factory in Bahadurgarh Industrial Area in January 2021, killing 2 workers; an explosion in a chemical factory in Palghar, Maharashtra in January 2021 killed 6 people; in May 2020, 12 workers were killed in a gas leak in LG Polymers plant in Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh; hundreds of workers have lost their lives due to fires breaking out in industrial areas like Bawana and others in Delhi.

The state is squarely responsible for these deaths. This state is a state of the bourgeoisie. It functions to secure the maximum profits of the monopoly capitalists through severe exploitation of the workers. Across industrial areas of the country, workers are forced, not merely, to work at wages that cannot provide a life fit for human beings in modern times, but they are subject to horrific conditions at work that endanger their lives and safety.

The present government is implementing the four labour codes to ensure “ease of doing business” of the biggest monopoly capitalists. When these are implemented, workers will be deprived of all the rights to safe working conditions that they have previously won through their struggle.

These tragic incidents expose, again and again, the atrocious inhuman face of the state of the bourgeoisie and the central and state governments that work to manage this state. We workers have to step up our struggle to put an end to the rule of the capitalists and this inhuman state, and to ensure the well-being of all toilers.

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