Independence for toilers and tillers is only possible by building India on a new foundation

I’m writing this letter in response to the Statement of the Central Committee of the CGPI on the occasion of Independence Day. The article has highlighted the dark reality that is being whitewashed with shameful lies. It has shown that after 74 years of independence from British Rule, we are slaves of the ruling class of our own country. This oppression has not only continued but has been growing with each passing day.

I have never felt free or independent in any aspect of my life. People around me are suffering and toiling to get the bare minimum of what can be expected for a decent human life.

The net profits of monopoly companies have increased by more than 50 percent in 2020-21, whereas the majority of us are in a deep crisis on all fronts. How can such a stark disparity be explained?

Tall claims are made about the bright future of our youth, when in reality crores of children suffer from malnutrition and condemned to be fit only to do the “dirty work”, at the lowest level of wages.

The aim of this system is to fulfil the greed of the Indian and foreign monopoly houses (Tata, Birla, Ambani, Amazon, Facebook, Walmart etc). So accordingly all the government policies and acts of parliament are planned in their interest. They use the state machinery and the political process they inherited from the British to accumulate enormous private wealth.

The Covid crisis has been used as an opportunity to further their aim of exploiting our people. What kind of a system takes opportunity in misery! All the inhuman and vulgar trends of society are promoted by this ruling class.

CGPI has also given us inspiring examples of the revolutionary uprising of 1857 where people from all walks of life united in opposition to the criminal British Rule. The slogan “Hum hain iske malik, Hindustan hamaara!” captured the hearts and minds of the masses of people. The ruling class is afraid of another revolutionary uprising and is trying every trick to divert the people.

I fully support the urgent call of CGPI for building a new foundation which can only be done by the workers and peasants of our country. So let us unite and free ourselves from this barbaric system!


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