Intensified exploitation and the attacks on the toiling masses in the past 74 years

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the CC statement of 15th August 2021. The statement is extremely well written. Starting from the history of the British rule in India and relating it to the present condition of the working class of our nation; it helps one understand that the exploitation of the toiling masses and the attacks on them by the capitalist class has just intensified in the past 74 years.

Today, even after 74 years of independence, the majority of the working class of our country are still struggling for the basic things needed for their survival. The pandemic exposed the real nature of the state and state machinery that played a huge role in increasing the wealth of the few monopoly houses at a faster rate than before at the cost of the lives of the toiling masses.

Following in the footsteps of the British policy of divide and rule; the capitalist class has so far managed to keep the working class divided on various fronts such as caste, religion, economic status, gender, education, etc. Lies are spread amongst the working class through various propaganda day in – day out. One of the biggest propagandas and lies of all time is the entire election process, which is nothing but a huge scam to fool people, an illusion of democracy created by the ruling class to suppress the consciousness of the working class. Many of the parties are funded by the same few monopoly houses like Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis, and Adanis. The political party that is fit to carry out the agenda of the monopoly houses is elected and their representatives have no accountability towards the majority of the people in this country.

As long as the capitalist class remains in power and sets the agenda, people will remain powerless victims of an exploitative economic system, an oppressive state, and a criminalized political process. The existing State is an instrument to empower the capitalist class and deprive workers and peasants of any means of resisting their exploitation. We need to lay the foundation of a State which would be an instrument to empower the workers and peasants and deprive the capitalist class of the means to exploit others.

Every day the intensity of the attacks on the working class by the capitalist class increases because they have witnessed the unity of the working class during various protests that have taken place before the pandemic. Not just the recent protests against NRC, CAA, and Kisan andolan against the farm laws but they are very well aware of the strength of collective from the history of Ghadar of 1857, RIN strike, the October revolution in Russia, and many more.

It is time for workers, peasants, and toiling masses to unite and uproot the existing capitalist system and replace it with a new system that will ensure the safety and prosperity of the working class and the toiling majority.

Yours sincerely,
Gauri, Mumbai

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