US-led Summit for Democracy:
Pursuit of evil imperialist aims under the banner of democracy

Given the discredited state of American democracy and the track record of the American state in violating human rights and national rights on the world scale, this summit was a farce of the highest order.  For Prime Minister Modi to have participated enthusiastically in this American charade, with evil geo-political aims, is not only a shameful act but also a danger signal for the Indian people.

On December 9-10, 2021, US President Biden held the first of two ‘Summits for Democracy’, to which leaders of selected countries were invited.  The 10th of December marked the 73rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed by members of the United Nations in 1948.  It is called Human Rights Day.

This summit was organised at a time when US democracy is getting increasingly discredited. Lakhs of people have been out on the streets in recent times, even in spite of covid induced lockdowns, protesting against racist police violence and demanding people’s control over the security of townships.  Masses of workers, women and youth are disgusted with a political process that is completely monopolised by two rival parties, both backed by monopoly capitalist billionaires.  The so-called democratic institutions are not even able to peacefully resolve the conflicts among contending forces within the ruling class.  People are looking for a qualitative change from the existing system which represents only the interests of the richest capitalists. Biden’s mandate is to preserve and prettify the existing system, in the name of “democratic renewal”.

The American state treats many sections of its citizens as less than human beings, because of their skin colour.  It is undoubtedly the worst violator of human rights on the world scale.  It has committed untold crimes against nations and peoples, interfering in multiple ways to bring about regime change. It has launched armed aggression and occupied numerous countries with its troops.

For Biden to pretend that his government is championing the cause of human rights, of freedom and democracy on the world scale, is outright hypocrisy.  It is a farce of the highest order.

Beneath all the talk about freedom and democracy was hidden the aim of US imperialism to form an American-led bloc of so-called democratic states, targeted against its global rivals, their allies, and against the anti-imperialist states. Biden proposed spending millions of dollars in 2022 under an initiative called “democracy renewal fund” to further interfere in the affairs of countries which the US deems to be “not free”.

The geo-political aim of US imperialism was clearly revealed in the list of invitees and the list of states which were not invited.  Those who were not invited include China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the majority of states in South-East Asia and many African states.

While Pakistan was invited to this summit, it refused to participate. Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that his country had no intention of becoming a part of any political bloc. “The world suffered heavily because of Cold War, and Pakistan does not want to get trapped in a new one”, he said.

Prime Minister Modi’s enthusiastic participation in this summit reflects the desperation of the Indian ruling class to strengthen its strategic alliance with the US. India’s offer to cooperate actively in the evil imperialist designs and so-called democracy projects of US imperialism and its allies spells danger for the people of India and of the world. It endangers all the peoples of South Asia and peace in this region.

People everywhere are aspiring for an end to the domination of monopoly capitalists and their parties over decision-making power.  They are aspiring for a qualitative change, a new system in which the people exercise decision-making power and the State guarantees the inviolability of human rights and democratic rights, without exception.  They are aspiring for an international order based on mutual respect for the right of every nation and people to follow any economic and political system of their choice. These aspirations are not going to be fulfilled by any initiative of the USA, which is the biggest violator of rights and is driven by the motive of world domination

It is only the struggle of the working class and other exploited masses against the capitalist class, and the struggle of oppressed nations and peoples against imperialism, which can together bring about the qualitative change for which people aspire.


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