The US and NATO are responsible for the war in Ukraine and the dangerous situation in Europe

Ever since Russia began its military intervention in Ukraine, the US-led western media has launched a massive disinformation campaign. It is aimed at portraying Russia as the instigator of war in Europe, and the US and its NATO allies as alleged defenders of peace, of the national sovereignty of Ukraine and a “rules-based international order”.  This propaganda is aimed at demonizing and isolating Russia, while covering up the fact that the US imperialists and their allies are the ones who have been using force to impose their will, striving to take over Europe and dominate Asia.

To portray Russia as the instigator of the war in Ukraine is to turn the truth upside down.  The truth is that the US is the one responsible for systematically expanding NATO eastwards, in violation of earlier agreements with Russia not to expand NATO into Eastern Europe. Thousands of NATO troops have been stationed all along Russia’s western border, thereby posing a serious threat to her security.

It is the US which is responsible for having organised a coup in Ukraine in February 2014, using force to overthrow an elected government. Neo Nazis and various Ukrainian oligarchs — those who were willing to collaborate with the US in its strategy against Russia — were brought to power. Ever since, successive governments of Ukraine have been strengthening their military and strategic ties with the US.  It is an open secret that Ukraine was going to be inducted as a member of the NATO military alliance at any time.  All these facts show that it is the US which has precipitated the crisis in Ukraine.

The people of Ukraine and the people of Russia share extremely close bonds. Ukraine is a country in which 30% of the population is Russian, many linked with close family ties to people in Russia. Ukraine was one of the first constituents of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics formed in 1922.

During the Great Patriotic War, the people of Ukraine, no less than the other peoples of the Soviet Union, made enormous sacrifices to throw out the Nazi fascist occupation forces and liberate not only their homeland, but the whole of Europe, from the nazi fascist scourge. Now, neo Nazis, the descendants of those who collaborated with the German Nazis against their own people during that war, have been running amuck in Ukraine. They are being financed and armed by the US imperialists.  They have unleashed a civil war in Ukraine, in which over 15,000 people have been killed.  Those Ukrainians who are opposed to their country becoming a pawn in the US strategy to attack Russia, are being savagely attacked as anti-national, as agents of Russia.

The US imperialists and their NATO allies are shouting from the rooftops about how they stand for the right of nations to self-determination, how they respect the sovereignty of other countries and peoples. This is a monstrous lie. The US and its NATO allies have consistently trampled on the sovereignty of countries and peoples who want to pursue their own economic and political course. It is the US, together with its allies, which brutally violated the sovereignty of Yugoslavia,  Afghanistan,  Iraq,  Libya and  Syria. Today, the US and Britain are cynically asking for the expulsion of Russia from the UN Security Council for violating the sovereignty of Ukraine! The same US formed a so called “coalition of the willing” together with Britain and some other countries, and invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003, in blatant violation of the UN charter.

The US and Britain have been making allegations, without giving any proof, that Russia has been destroying schools and hospitals. Fake stories and photos are routinely published to “prove” that the Russian army is targeting apartment blocks and other civilian targets in the cities of Ukraine. Many of these attacks have later been proved to be the result of Ukrainian missiles. But these stories are not being retracted. Pictures of wars in other parts of the world are being deliberately circulated to create the false impression that they are  from Ukraine.

The US and Britain are shedding crocodile tears about the refugees fleeing from the war in Ukraine. They want people of the world to forget the devastation they have wrought when they bombed Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. They want people to forget that they were responsible for turning crores of people of these countries into refugees. Their double standard towards refugees is apparent even in the case of Ukraine. They did not shed tears when one lakh refugees were forced to flee over the past few weeks from the Donbass region of Ukraine into Russia.

The US and its NATO allies are clearly showing that they do not want Russia and Ukraine to arrive at an agreement that will end the war and usher in peace. On the contrary, they are desperately trying to ensure that the war between Ukraine and Russia continues. They have been supplying and continue to supply, billions of dollars’ worth of sophisticated weapons to the Ukrainian army. The US has used the current war in Ukraine to mobilise all the NATO member countries against Russia.

An extremely dangerous situation has been created for the people of Europe and the world. Anglo-American imperialism and the European Union have imposed harsh economic sanctions on Russia. These sanctions will not only have a grave effect on the Russian economy, they will  impose immense hardships on the people of Europe as well.

It is US imperialism which is fanning the flames of war. The possibility of the war in Ukraine engulfing the rest of Europe cannot be ruled out.

The people of India must not fall for the lying propaganda of Anglo-American imperialism about the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. It is important to understand that US imperialism and NATO are the source of the problem. They cannot be part of the solution. The people of India must support all efforts towards a peaceful resolution of the problem between Ukraine and Russia, without US imperialist interference.

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  1. The Ukrainian national guard openly absorbed the Ultra Right wing NEO NAZI FASCIST groups like Asov Battalion. A known and banned terrorist organisation responsible for crimes against humanity including acts of genocide. Killing thousands of Ukranians mentioned.
    See: report by Time:

  2. Really rational article! It is well-written according to the working class perspective. We, the working class must understand that the real culprits are US imperialist and NATO. We have to be beware of false propaganda by the capitalist media.

    It is our duty to raise the consciousness level of all working class. We all should spread the right message to the people. MEL is playing an important role in shaping the way forward on the basis of Marxism-Leninism.


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