Condemn American interference in Pakistan!

Pakistan has been plunged into political uncertainty ever since opposition parties submitted a no-confidence motion against the Imran Khan government on 8th March.  That was followed by defections of some of the supporters of the government to the opposition camp. The no-confidence motion was tabled in the National Assembly on 28th March.  It was dismissed by the Deputy Speaker after Prime Minister Khan accused the USA of interfering in the internal affairs of Pakistan so as to bring about a regime change.

Prime Minister Khan has stated that he has proof of the American hand behind the no-confidence motion, in the form of an official diplomatic cable sent by the US to Pakistan on 7th March, the day before the opposition parties submitted the no-confidence motion.  The cable is reported to have stated:

“If the vote of no confidence succeeds, we will forgive you. If it does not succeed, and Imran Khan remains the prime minister, then Pakistan will be in a difficult situation.”

The US imperialists have a long history of interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan.  They have sought to direct the internal and foreign policies of Pakistan, considering it as a pawn in their drive towards world domination.

Ever since they pulled their troops out of Afghanistan, the US imperialists have been displeased with Pakistan’s policy towards the new Taliban regime in that neighbouring country. They have been unhappy that Imran Khan attended the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing on 4th February, which the US boycotted; and that he subsequently visited Russia and met with Putin.  They are now angry that Pakistan has abstained from voting on a resolution in the UN General Assembly sponsored by the US condemning Russia for its military intervention in Ukraine. When 22 UN envoys urged Pakistan to denounce Russia, Imran Khan is reported to have asked: “Are we slaves and act according to your wishes?”

Developments on the world scale show that the US imperialists do not refrain from criminal acts to push their interests. They sponsor so-called democratic opposition parties to bring down elected governments. They organise the assassination of those leaders who stand in their way.  The assassination of Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya are two examples of openly admitted American assassinations. Numerous other political leaders have been eliminated through covert operations organised by the CIA. It is therefore not surprising that ministers in the Pakistan government have pointed to the threat to Imran Khan’s life due to his refusal to toe the American line.

The United States has no right to dictate the foreign policy of Pakistan or any other independent state.  It has no right to organise to bring down the Government of Pakistan.

The stand of Prime Minister Imran Khan deserves to be supported by all anti-imperialist forces around the world.


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  1. Agree. At the present level of International development US is the no 1 enemy of the world people; saying so does not mean other imperialists are less evil. Differentiation has to be made at the level of interference and domination but the route cause is imperialist system as a whole.
    P. Chandran

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