May Day 2022:
VHS Hospital workers union pledged to build solidarity

Workers in the city of Chennai and in the industrial belts around Chennai, enthusiastically hoisted red flags at their factory gates and held May Day rallies and meetings.

Workers hold May Day rally at the gate of VHS Hospital in Chennai

At 7:30 am, the entrance to the VHS hospital complex was decorated with red flags by enthusiastic union activists. The May Day flag was hoisted and VHS Hospital workers union leader Comrade Manidasan enthusiastically extended his May Day greetings to the workers on May Day. He stressed how our livelihood is being crushed today and how we need to mobilize all our working comrades further. Only with our unity, we can win over our demands, he declared.

Comrade Bhaskar of the Workers’ Unity Movement then addressed the workers on May Day. He pointed that workers are under attack by the ruling class. Our only weapon is our class unity. Based on the conviction that, an attack on one is an attack on all of us, we have to fight together for our rights. He asked that all of us workers come forward and take up the immediate task of building unity and fighting for our demands. He assured the gathered workers that the Workers’ Unity Movement would be at the forefront of all struggles for workers’ rights. The only way to solve all our problems is for the working class to seize political power.

The meeting concluded on May Day with the pledge that all workers present at the meeting would further strengthen workers’ unity and continue our struggles for our rights.


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