Insurance workers announce 2-day All India strike

58,000 workers of public sector General Insurance companies have announced their decision to go on a two day strike on July 27-28 in support of their long standing demands. The strike action has been announced by workers of New India Assurance Company Ltd., National Insurance Company Ltd., and the United India Assurance Company Ltd. The main demand is that the management of the general insurance companies negotiate a new wage agreement, and revise their wages.

Insurance workerss demonstration (file photo)

Workers unions have been demanding this for a long time. The previous wage agreement was signed in August 2012 and expired in August 2017. Since then, no new wage agreement has been signed between the management and the unions. Workers unions are pointing out that the government is deliberately avoiding wage revision in the general insurance companies. This is part of the policy of deliberately liquidating these companies, turning them into loss making companies, and handing them over to private monopoly capitalists. Workers are being forced to take VRS and leave the companies.

Earlier, the workers unions had announced that they would go on strike on July 15. They had postponed the strike call when the government announced that it would consider their demands. However the government has not taken any steps to fulfil the workers’ demands. Hence the unions of workers of public sector General Insurance Companies have given a call for strike action on July 27-28.

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