Crimes of the US imperialists


The article published on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack accurately points out that the United States of America “is the state which has repeatedly violated every rule and norm of state-to-state relations that has been agreed upon since the Second World War.”

The following is a list of the wars, armed interventions and coups organised by the USA since the end of the Second World War.  The list may not be exhaustive.

1946: US occupied Philippines and South Korea

1947: US armed forces landed in Greece to suppress the anti-fascist forces

1948-49: US forces intervened in China’s liberation war and helped establish Taiwan

1949: CIA organised a coup in Syria

1950-53: Korean War

1953: CIA organised a coup in Iran

1954: US invaded Guatemala and installed a puppet regime

1955-75: Vietnam War

1961: Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba

1962: US marines deployed to fight communists in Thailand

1965: US forces occupied Dominican Republic

1965-67: US armed fascist regime in Indonesia which killed millions of communists

1973: US aided Israel in Yom Kippur War

1973: CIA organised a military coup in Chile in which President Allende died

1979-88: CIA waged proxy war in Afghanistan

1981-86: CIA waged proxy war in Nicaragua

1988: US forces occupied Panama

1991-93: US armed Iraq to wage war on Iran

1994: US invaded Haiti

1995: US-led NATO bombing of Bosnia and Herzegovina

1998: US bombing of Iraq and missile strikes on Afghanistan and Sudan

1999: US intervention in the war in Kosovo

2001-21: US invaded and occupied Afghanistan

2002 onwards: US supported Saudi intervention in Yemen; drone strikes in Pakistan

2003 onwards: US invaded and occupied Iraq; assassinated Saddam Hussein

2007: US armed intervention in Somalia

2011: US-led NATO forces aggressed on Libya; assassinated Gaddafi

2012 onwards: US armed so-called rebels in Syria

2014: CIA engineered a coup in Ukraine and installed a pro-US regime

It is indisputable that US imperialism is the worst violator of national sovereignty and all accepted norms of civilised state-to-state relations.  It thrives on war and interference in other people’s affairs.  It poses the biggest danger to world peace.

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