Workers killed in stone quarry collapse in Mizoram

8 mining workers were killed and at least 12 were reported missing when a stone quarry collapsed during a landslide in Hnahthial district in Mizoram, on November 15. Communist Ghadar Party extends its heartfelt condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives in the quarry collapse.

The stone quarry is owned by the ABCI Infrastructures Private Limited, which is executing widening of a section of the national highway between Hnathial town and Dawn village, in Mizoram. The area impacted by the landslide is approximately 5,000 square metres. BSF and NDRF teams have been deployed for rescue operations.

The workers had come from Bihar to work in the mines. Of the 12 persons reported missing, 4 were employees of ABCI, while the other 8 were working on contract for a private contractor.

People living and working near the quarry have claimed that the quarry was dug too deep and had upset the stability of the soil, resulting in the entire hill crumbling down on them.

This is one more of the countless accidents caused by the greed of private capitalists for greater profits. The safety of the workers and of the surrounding environment are completely ignored by the private capitalist companies, in the process. The state defends the interests of the capitalists, who get away with such crimes, while the workers have no legal safeguards against such accidents.

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