Privatisation of Electricity Is against the Interests of Society
The Struggle of Electricity Workers Is Entirely Just

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A collection of articles published by the Communist Ghadar Party of India between May and August 2022.

Workers of the electricity sector are waging a determined struggle against privatisation. Various federations and unions of the workers, including the engineering and technical workers, have come together under one banner to force the government to withdraw the Electricity Amendment Bill 2022 in its present form.

Workers of the electricity sector have pointed out that privatisation of electricity is against the general interest of society. On this basis, they have successfully won support for their agitation from amongst the consumers of electricity, i.e., the people of India. Opposition to the passing of this Bill was one of the important demands of the peasants during their year-long agitation against the three farm laws. Consumers of electricity have protested in all parts of India against the high electricity tariffs. Through their militant struggle in all parts of the country, the power sector workers have successfully thwarted various steps taken by the government towards complete privatisation of electricity supply.

This pamphlet is a collection of six articles against privatisation of electricity that were published by the Communist Ghadar Party of India (CGPI) in its website ( between May and August, 2022. They have been edited for publication. These articles prove that the claims made by the authorities to justify privatisation are false. They expose the fact that the monopoly capitalists are the driving force behind the privatisation program. They show that it is both necessary and possible to defeat the privatisation program.


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