Two years of the kisans’ occupation of Delhi’s borders

Dear Editor, MEL

The article on the occasion of two years of the kisans’ occupation of Delhi’s borders, published on 26th November, 2022, was very educative.

There was lively discussion of this article in the party unit to which I belong.  Through discussion we understood more deeply the following profound observation:

“The bourgeoisie considers the struggle of kisans as a factor to be used for developing and strengthening the parliamentary opposition to the BJP. The proletariat considers the kisans as a potential revolutionary ally in the struggle to overthrow the rule of the bourgeoisie, headed by the monopoly capitalists.”

It was observed during the discussion that there are always disgruntled sections within the bourgeoisie.  There are capitalists, big and small, who are unhappy that their competitors are growing faster under the present regime.  Such forces try to ride on the backs of mass protests to build a parliamentary alternative to the party currently at the helm.  Examples include the recent attempts of the Congress Party, Akali Dal, Swaraj India and several other parties to use the kisan andolan to create the conditions for strengthening an anti-BJP electoral alliance.

It is an undeniable fact that the bourgeoisie, as a whole, benefits from what is considered a credible parliamentary alternative.  When one of their trusted parties is spearheading their anti-social program, the bourgeoisie knows that the proletariat and peasants are bound to get angry with that party sooner or later.  The bourgeoisie always wants an opposition party or alliance to be ready to capture and manipulate the discontent among the people.  They need it as a safety valve, to prevent the exploited masses of people from turning to the path of revolution.

The proletariat has the opposite aim.  While the bourgeoisie wants to prevent revolution, the proletariat stands to gain from the victory of a revolution that would overthrow bourgeois rule and pave the way for the transition from capitalism to socialism.  The kisans are a potential revolutionary ally because their struggle is also against the bourgeoisie, headed by the monopoly houses. There is unity among workers and peasants around the demand to halt the liberalisation and privatisation program, which successive governments at the centre and in the states have been implementing since 1991.

The task we face has been explained very well in this article.  It is up to us, the communists and all progressive forces, to disprove the lie that there is no alternative to capitalism and parliamentary democracy.  We have to put forward the alternative and build political unity around it.

As stated in the article, the alternative to capitalism is a socialist system, oriented to fulfil the people’s needs instead of fulfilling capitalist greed.  The alternative to parliamentary democracy is a modern proletarian democracy, in which workers and peasants participate in deciding the laws and policies.  This is indeed an exciting perspective for the struggle to restore the unity of communists, at the head of a united proletariat staking its claim to build a modern civilised India where human rights are respected and nobody is exploited or oppressed in any form.

With revolutionary greetings,

Comrade Deepak,
Gurugram, Haryana

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