Letter to Editor in response to two pieces on Palestine in 2023

Dear Editor,

The two articles on Palestine on the CGPI website within 2023 – ‘Heroic struggle of Palestinian people for their homeland continues’ and ‘Escalation of Israeli aggression and violence against the Palestinian people’ clearly reveal the powerlessness of the UN in matters of the rights of peoples and nations. They also reveal the anti-people, anti-Palestine agenda of Israel and the US along with the fence sitting tactics (which always favour the oppressors) of the Indian Government.

However, the people of India and across the world, support the just struggle of the Palestinian people in defence of their homeland. Just recently it was reported that the city of Barcelona announced breaking its decades old ties with the city of Tel Aviv. The mayor of Barcelona acted upon a petition demanding action against Israeli treatment of Palestinians. The Spanish city suspended its institutional relations with Israel and, in particular, a twinning with the city of Tel Aviv, citing the systematic violation of Palestinian human rights. While it is not yet certain whether the Barcelona city council with approve this suspension, it is clear that people across the globe are expressing and demanding action against Israel and its unlawful and violent attacks on the people of Palestine. This also includes people in Israel, the news of their protests however do not reach our eyes and ears.

I commend the CGPI on standing steadfast in defence of the rights of the Palestinian people and upholding the demands of the people of India and of the world to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine.


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