Meeting on the occasion of Martyr's Day:
Carry forward the struggle to make India free from exploitation and oppression!

On March 26, 2023, Mazdoor Ekta Committee organized a meeting on the occasion of Martyrdom Day in Okhla Industrial Area Phase-2 of South Delhi. The meeting started by paying floral tributes to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev.

Young boys and girls participated in the meeting very enthusiastically. They clearly demonstrated their respect for the sacrifices of Bhagat Singh and his comrades.

Lokesh Kumar conducted the meeting and Santosh Kumar from Mazdoor Ekta Committee addressed the meeting.

He said that Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hung 92 years ago on March 23, 1931 by the British government in Lahore’s Central Jail. Our revolutionaries wanted to create such an India where there is no exploitation of man by man. The British rulers thought that by hanging these revolutionaries, they could end their dreams. However, their aspirations remain alive as our own.

He said that we want to create such an India, where the laborers get their wages before their sweat dries up; where kisans do not commit suicide due to poverty and hunger; where women can live without fear; where the youth do not wander from door to door in search of employment after taking degrees. Workers and farmers who create wealth should become the masters of this country. This was the vision of our revolutionary martyrs.

He further explained that there were two paths in the struggle for freedom. There was a path of compromisers, it was led by the Tatas-Birlas and the Congress party. The second was the path of revolution, which was being led by revolutionaries.

Through the freedom struggle, the compromising forces, capitalists and big landlords wanted to gain power for themselves. In 1947, power came into the hands of these capitalists. The capitalist class came to power in place of the British rulers. The British system of plunder of labour remained intact.

The revolutionaries of our country were inspired by the Ghadar of 1857. They were inspired by the Hindustan Ghadar Party and the revolution in Soviet Russia in 1917. They were inspired by the establishment of socialism under the leadership of the working class in Russia. Following the path of freedom struggle, the revolutionaries of the country wanted to build such an India, in which the reins of the country would be in the hands of the workers and peasants. The system of loot and exploitation of the British rule should end completely.

Our revolutionary martyrs had said, “Our struggle will continue as long as a handful of people, Indian or foreign or a combination of both, continue to exploit the labour and resources of our people. No one can divert us from this path”. Even today, workers and peasants in every corner of the country are fighting against the increasing attacks on them by coming out on the streets. They are intensifying the struggle to end the rule of a few capitalists and to establish the rule of workers and peasants.

Mahendra Prasad from the South Delhi E-Rickshaw Association said that Bhagat Singh and his comrades had carried out the blast to make the deaf government of the British hear their voice. Today the governments are serving the interests of the big capitalists. People raising voice against them are being put in jails. It is the need of the hour that the youth of the country follow the path of Bhagat Singh and build the India of their dreams.

Many youth addressed the gathering. They said that the true tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh and his comrades would be paid by following their path. It is only through this that we can build the India of their dreams. This is the dream of every Indian.

Many youth in the meeting also asked questions about the freedom movement.

The meeting ended with slogans – Long live the revolution! Red salute to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev! Down with capitalism-imperialism! Long live socialism!

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