Enthusiastic May Day rally in London

Report by a correspondent of Indian Workers Association (Great Britain)

May Day, international working class day, was celebrated with great enthusiasm by workers organisations in London, Britain. More than ten thousand people marched from Clerkenwell Green, near Marx Memorial Library,  to Trafalgar Squarey.

May Day rally in London

Trade Unions representing all sections of workers and working people led the united march. Working class organisations of various national minorities participated vigorously in the march. The May Day rally epitomized the growing unity of workers against imperialism, imperialist wars, racism and communalism.

Trade unions from Railway Workers ( RMT), Communications Workers Union, Public and Commercial Services, Teachers and Lecturers unions expressed opposition to privatisation of education, National Health Service(NHS), Transport, Public services and spiralling cost of living. The rally was filled with militant banners and vibrant music, songs and militant slogans creating an atmosphere of pride and joy. The Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) also took part to express solidarity with all the workers of the world waging struggles against exploitation  by the monopoly  capitalist class.

The monopoly capitalists all over the world are shifting the cost of living crisis onto the shoulders of working people. The capitalists are trying to maintain their high profits and forcing even people with jobs to turn up at the food banks, the charities, to feed their families. The present system is not concerned about the well being of  working people but only enriching the few at the cost of the vast majority of working people .

Another view of May Day rally in London

The present  system needs to be replaced by an alternative system run for the benefit of the whole of society ; instead of guaranteeing the profits of a tiny minority ruling elite .  All organisations fighting against monopoly capitalism need to strengthen their unity in the struggle to create this alternative system in which the economy is geared to utilise wealth created by working people to continuously raise the living  and cultural standards of the majority. A system in which working people are decision makers in shaping policies affecting their lives. A socialist  system offering prosperity and security for all.

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