Sweet victory for the farmers of Rajasthan in their struggle

The farmers, of Rajasthan’s Nohar and Bhadra tehsils have been waging a long-drawn struggle against the theft of water from the Amarsingh branch. This struggle has been waged under the leadership of Amarsingh Branch Sangharsh Samiti, Bhadra-Nohar. The Rajasthan unit of Lok Raj Sangathan has worked very hard to achieve success in this struggle.

Kisan demonstration for increased supply for irrigation

The most recent dharna started from 26th June and continued till 18th July. Consequently, the administration had to finally give in, negotiate with the farmers and accept their demands. Farmers from different villages have been participating in these protests – at one village each day. Farmers from several villages like Ramgarh, Barwali, Parlika, Gogamedhi, Dhilki Jatan, Deeplana, Badbirana, Nethrana, etc. have participated in these protests and demonstrations.

Crops of several villages in this area are adversely affected due to illegal outlets in Amarsingh branch canal. The sowing of crops itself gets delayed due to paucity of sufficient water at that precise time.

We salute the consistent struggle of the farmers and celebrate their victory. But at the same time, the farmers will have to be extremely careful since it has been seen, time and again that the state and its administration are known to make promises but not fulfil them. This happens because be it the central government or the state government; they work only for the benefit of the capitalist class. Their mandate is to satisfy the insatiable hunger of the capitalists for profits by increasing the exploitation of workers and peasants.

Demonstration at Amar Singh branch (file photo)

The peasants, allied with the workers, will have to lead the struggle in such a way that the rule of the workers and peasants is established in place of the present rule of the capitalists. The kisans of Nohar-Bhadra will have to wage their struggle with this perspective in mind, while strengthening their unity.

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