The demolition of peoples properties by the Haryana government deserves to be condemned

Even as people were trying to recover from the horrible communal violence that engulfed the Mewat region of Haryana, the state government sent bulldozers to raze the homes and properties of people in Nuh. Over a thousand homes and properties were razed to the ground, before the Punjab and Haryana High Court put a stay on further demolitions. Hundreds of families have lost their homes and source of livelihood. Earlier, thousands of working people from other states of India working in Gurugram, were forced to flee Haryana in the face of targeted communal attacks.

The Haryana government is making out that it is punishing those responsible for the communal violence that engulfed the Mewat region between July 31 – August 2. The truth is that it is the Haryana government which is responsible for this violence. It deliberately allowed a provocative rally of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal through the streets of Nuh. It then organised mobs to attack the homes and properties, as well as places of worship of Muslims in the following days. The Haryana government has shown it is incapable of and unwilling to perform its duty of safeguarding the lives and properties of the people. If the principle of command responsibility were to be followed, then it is the Haryana Government that stands in the dock. Instead, diverting attention from its own role, the government is blaming the people. It has unleashed a further onslaught on the people.

It has been reported that various real estate interests have been involved in the demolitions in Nuh. It is not unlikely that the Haryana government has organised the communal violence, and subsequent demolitions in Nuh, to fulfill the interests of these real estate developers who want to take over the land of the people. Whatever may be the full truth, the actions of the Haryana government is condemnable.

What is happening in Nuh is according to a set script that is being played out in many other parts of the country. The state sets its agents in motion who masquerade as religious people, infiltrate religious rallies, and carry out provocations against people. It then blames the victims for the ensuing violence. Demolition squads follow. The aim is to terrorise the people, smash the unity of people and their common struggle for rights.

The targeted demolition of homes and properties of people in Nuh by the Haryana government must be severely condemned. There is no justification for it. Justice loving people all over the country have rightly condemned it.


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  1. Government of Haryana needs to be condemned for the organizing the communal violence against the people and using that as a pretext to demolish the properties of the people. Instead of defending the people from such violence, provide necessary assistance for the rehabilitation of the victims and arrange to provide them shelter, food and other basic necessities on war footing, it is extremely shocking to know that the government machinery has gone and demolished their residences and properties. As stated in this article, it seems to be a well-planned crime against the people to cruelly attack them and steal their meager properties. Indian state headed by big capitalists and their present executive in power – BJP has carried out one more ruthless crime against the people.

    I join Ghadar party, in conveying deep sympathies and sorrow and extend support to the people of Mewat and Nuh region who are brutal victims of organized communal violence, loss of lives, livelihood and shelter.


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